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Writing Samples

The Abomination of the Blue Hibiscusfirst appeared in ReadTheseLips vol 2

Spoken Spells was written for the March Caferati read-meet. This is the what I came up with after feedback at the gathering & online–thanks, people!

NightsBefore–Christmas was written as a Christmas sketch for the Free Community Church last year.


11 Responses

  1. Hello again, Ms Yu. I loved the Blue Hibiscus piece. I want to be able to write like that when I grow up… oops, I’m 42! The way in which you sketched out the relationship between the protagonist and Hwee Lin was so subtle and compelling. Your characters are so authentic and believable; I recognized the Aunt Sharon character very well. Aunt Sharon is a “type” of Singaporean I’m not sympathetic towards (being a pornographer… hmm…), but I appreciated the compassion you showed to your character. Ms Yu, I really admire you for writing about our country and the people who live in it. I myself am too “chicken” to do that, so my characters are French, Saudi, Thai, anything but Singaporean. (((HUGS))) — Andrew

    • Thank you! For reading it, liking it & writing back. Means a lot!
      Well to me you Are just a child at 42.
      I figure right now I’m younger than I will be any time in the future so this is the time to learn/try/work at whatever I can!
      As for writing about Singapore & Singaporeans–it’s what I’m most familiar with as well as closest to & I’m a lazy person…

      • Hmm… this is interesting. I always thought that I was being lazy by opting to develop characters who represent “types” I have encountered and observed in my life, but who are not Singaporeans! Love and hugs (*don’t let me distract you from your writing…) — Andrew

  2. hi ovidia,

    i’m a producer from channel newsasia. am quite keen to talk to you about featuring you in an upcoming programme. might it be possible to drop me a line at the email address above?


    hui min

  3. Hi Ovidia,

    I’m trying to get my hands on a copy of 3 Fat Virgins Unassembled, as well as permission from you to stage it here in the cold, cold town of Launceston, Tasmania, Down Under. I emailed you recently, but I thought I’d drop a more informal line here too, just in case!

    Thanks for your time! Can’t wait to hear from you!

  4. That’s so profound! Think you may be right–especially in how the old man doesn’t even recognise it in himself & chooses guilt over disappointment!

  5. Hye Ovidia,
    Thank you very much for your responses. I truly appreciate it.

    Well, I personally think that the father is afraid to go back to China because he is afraid to dirty the ‘beautiful’ China that he had build in his mind.

    He had this image of ‘Beautiful’ China in his mind and in a way he is kind of afraid to face the fact that the China that he is imagined is not the same China that is in the reality.

    Deep down inside of him, he knows that with the flow of time everything is changing and can bee seen by looking at the younger generation. Thus, China had also change but he is afraid to see those changes and so he refuse to return. Don’t you think so?

  6. Hi AtiQue,
    The title ‘A Dream of China’ was chosen because the story is about the narrator discovering the ‘China’ her father has been revering & longing for all these years no longer exists.
    Yet she acknowledges that it is his trying to live up to the standards & values of this non-existent dream country that has made him the good man & father he is. And he has been good for the country–Singapore–that accepted him.

    To me, her father refuses to return to China because he feels he has no right to/ is unworthy to. He prioritized his young family over his country, did not return to build the ‘new China’ as his brother did & did not suffer (as an intellectual & bourgeoisie) re-education in the cultural revolution.

    It’s interesting you think he is too afraid to go back–what do you think he is afraid of?

  7. owhhh… do u mind telling me why did you give the story the title ‘a dream of China’ and why is it that the narrator’s father refuse to go back to China? i dont think that bcoz his brother is telling him not to go back, he refuse to return to China. it seems as if he is too afraid to go back… is it?

  8. Hi AtiQue,

    Perhaps if you send me a question I’ll try to answer it?
    Which part of the story do you need ‘insight’ on?


  9. hye Oldivia… this is my 1st time writing in your blog. i have a request actually. if it is possible, could you give me some insight on your story ‘A Dream of China’? My literature class is studying that particular short story and the class will be doing a discussion next week and I thought it will be way cool to have the point of view of the writer herself.

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