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Singapore Script Sketch 12 Oct

ScribeSketches… Singapore Script Sketches… yes, still trying out new terms. One of these might work!


Seen at a restaurant yesterday:

It was a table of six–at least some of them Mainland Chinese because they were talking (in Mandarin) about how Singapore does this/that and Singapore people don’t do this/that. Three¬† men and three women seated at a corner table with the three women in the corner against the wall–‘trapped’ unless the people sitting beyond stand up for you. Two of the men talked almost continuously. The slightly more senior man next to the slightly more senior lady (short bobbed hair) talked almost exclusively to her, barely breaking off as the waitress leaned over him to place food in front of them. The other, young, tanned and wrinkled, directed his talk at the other two women, ignoring the fairer, plumpish man to his left who didn’t say much, just grinned and nodded when addressed and when prodded to grin and nod. The two women against the wall were wearing a long sleeved top and a dark cardigan over a shirt and had the sort of unstyled, unshaped long hair that young professional women sport to indicated they are still feminine even if they don’t take the trouble to get a good haircut.

The Talking Men got impatient with the young server (very tall, very shy, very pretty girl who I thought Chinese till then but realised might be Burmese/Vietnamese) because she didn’t speak enough Mandarin to understand that though they had ordered individual dishes the main courses were to be placed in the middle of the table for them to share while the sides of fries/mash/rice were put on individual plates as requested for each of them. But a senior staff member, a Filipina who spoke excellent Mandarin came and sorted things out. (I was most impressed by her actually!)