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Stupid Woman Hitting Whimpering Dog

This video appeared on YouTube but has been removed.

You can still see the original at the SPCA & SPCA Facebook website.

If you know who this woman is, please contact the SPCA at: inspector@spca.org.sg.

And if you can please forward this link, especially to anyone who might recognize her.
It looks like her son filmed her hitting the dog. Anybody recognize the mother of a friend/classmate please help!


Buffy’s Prayer

May The Artist’s Way Circle
attract all that need it the most.
May we forever be connected to our
higher power as we proceed on this journey.
May our inner child come
out and feel free to play.
May we go along this journey and our
relationships to each other grow and prosper.
We may not know for certain where the path will lead.
However, we trust following our higher power
will lead us to the right road.


I’m not part of the Artist’s Way Prayer Circle–one new thing at a time, I think (& I’m already starting on my first ‘group’ journey!)

For now I’ve got my morning pages notebook ready & ‘warmed up’ to it by doing my morning pages for the last 3 days.

I also made a nice contract for myself using stickers of books and flowers–it’s true that when you put more effort into something you respect it more. I hope to carry that lesson over to my writing too.
For now I like how the contract focuses on taking care of our sleep, diet, exercise as well as pampering ourselves for the duration of these next twelve weeks. After all our bodies are the tools are spirits get to use and work and play around with for now!

I think I can keep up with my body’s sleep & diet requirements but I would also like to get back into a regular yoga practice. Not too much too fast but maybe starting with two days/week then to three & maybe after a month at this level back to five/six mornings a week.
The difficulties I foresee comes from
1) Which comes ‘first thing’ in the morning–yoga practice or morning pages?
2) I would like to spend more time in the gym working on my core (I did shoulderstand as a computer break today & could Feel the wobble!) & my stamina. Much as I would like to believe it, walking a ‘huahua & a moodlet twice a day probably isn’t enough to get me back in shape for 75 minutes on the mat!

I know. The only way I’ll figure out what works for me is to try them out & see how they work for me.

But I’m also going to get started on my ‘God Jar’ so maybe all this will work out beautifully after all?
Maybe even in the next 12 weeks!
And so far I’ve been keeping up with my 5000 words/day ‘collage’ process trying to cut & paste stuff that does work into draft 5 of ‘Dead No Bodies’. And I discovered a drawing site that I’m letting myself play around with. No, I don’t have to ‘work’ at drawing/painting/collage I can have fun with these things without feeling I’m wasting time. I think I forgot that somewhere along the way.

Walked the dogs late today, not till almost 6 pm (morning walk was 8 to 9am and they didn’t get a midday outing today) but it was wonderfully cool in the park by then & we did some jogs & some sprints & snuffled some new cut grass so I think we’re all happy now.

Focus Switch

The ‘Current Book’ is on hold for a week, maybe two, because of something totally unexpected…

Some time ago I spoke to someone at Epigram about getting some of my plays into print. Much as I Want to, I explained I’ve promised them to Enoch at Firstfruits (well that was like two years ago) who still wants to publish them… some day. I love Enoch dearly and like what he’s done with his other publications so that’s great.

So when Epigram got in touch & asked how things were going that’s what I said. But then I asked whether they would consider looking at detective or literary fiction. I didn’t think there was much chance because their previous publications are cookbooks/poetry/plays but they said Yes, they would like to see what I can send them!

So I pulled out some of my old stuff to look through again. I’m hoping to send them ‘Dead Wrongs’ as my mystery manuscript and ‘Man Groves In The Lion City’ as my ‘literary’ manuscript. But even though I thought they were both ‘finished’ (I’ve hit 3rd draft on both of them and thought they’d dead-ended) now reading through them again I’m finding tens of thousands of things I want to change.

So… I’m working on Dead Wrongs first, transferring it over to Scrivener so I can check at a glance what goes where. & I’m working on double screens for the first time today–have my draft 3 in doc.x on the laptop (sitting on my tissue box. My nose has miraculously dried up due to excitement or stress) and the draft 4 in php on my big screen.

I thought it would just be a quick run through but it might take longer than I expected even though I’ve got the story & characters worked out (I thought…) but more and more things pop up needing to be changed…

Well, at least I’m alive and functioning and should be grateful for that!

Tried to walk in Kent Ridge this morning but fire ants were migrating due to last night’s rain & poor Princess got several caught in the fluff of her tail. Every now & then she had to stop to sit & clean out her poor bitten little underside when they crawled up through her fur & onto her skin!

Evening walk went better–we met ‘Monster’ the whippet and for the first time he & our dogs got along fairly well, almost to the stage of playing–anyway no more growling. But maybe it’s a Vesak Day special?

Anyway I’ve redone the first 3 chapters today (slow slow slow!) at almost 10 thousand words in between killing zombies (have fallen in love with Plants vs Zombies) and it’s time to take a break before my eyes die on me!

Meditation Gone To The Dogs

Had every intention of meditating today but found my mat & seat occupied when I broke from writing…


Went rollerblading over the weekend–I’m looking for ways to exercise the dogs without killing my knees from running–and it was great!

But I can see myself going skating for fun without the doggies–I didn’t realise there were so many skaters/skating groups in Singapore…

What was really good (for me–still a raw beginner right now) was learning that YOGA is recommended to help beginners with balance and I think that may have helped me more than I realised!

But today I’m aching in strange places… back to mat practice, I think… !

Setting Intentions

This morning I did 3 A’s & a B before walking the doggies and doing breakfast. Haven’t done a full practice for some time but I’ve been walking twice a day (at least) & the dogs are settling in.
And after breakfast I got The Blind Assassin (Margaret Atwood) & The Suspicions of Mr Whicher (Kate Summerscale) on the Kindle this morning to kick off my year’s reading so I’m going to call it a good start to the year!

This year I intend to do daily home practice (more than just sun salutations no matter how pathetic the dogs look–this morning they came to lick my fingers and toes and every time I paused in a pose Hermione would sit down and lean against me…) and go to Yoga Shala on Fridays after dropping the doggies at K9. I can drop them as early as 7 am. I need to get into a system where I pack my yoga gear and shower stuff all ready the previous night because Friday is the day my house help comes and I don’t like being around getting in her way.

2009 was a good year despite multiple deaths & upheavals. I enjoyed the trips to Hong Kong, Paris & the Koh Samui retreat & learned so much from them & I love the new doggies and all they’re bringing to my life.

In 2010 I want to:
1. Balance dog walking with regular practice to feel good, sleep good, look good.
2. Write with focus; complete four projects
3. Master Hand stands
4. Go on a Koh Samui pranayama retreat with dogs (!)

Does anybody know what quarantine laws are for Singapore/Thailand?

PM postscript:
Okay, got the info I needed though not exactly what I wanted… it’s very easy to get my doglets into Thailand with me; just not as easy getting them back into Singapore after. The reverse is true for Australia… looks like more trips are going to be postponed this year because I really want them to settle in here before I abandon them (temporarily but will they realise it?) to K9 boarding or AVA quarantine…!
If only there was some way to arrange ‘home quarantine’, they could be monitored same way as criminals under house arrest…

And I just realised today is the first day of WoYoPracMo! I may have to count my mini practice this morning since I’m now feeling all over-sunned.

Went for a late morning-noon time walk around Fort Canning with Peach & Mini (it’s hard to keep yelling “Princess Peach!” & “Hermione!” when trying to get them to run after balls/frisbees/kong toys… all of which they ignore) and got a bit too much sun, I think.

I was counting on the cloud & tree cover & was carrying lots of water (for all three of us) but now I’m feeling happily drowsy dozy and not at all inclined to do an evening practice… perhaps a little Yin or just warm ups, back bends and closing…

Still on course with NaNoWriMo

But only just barely. I would dearly like to have a bit more ‘buffer zone’ for off days but as it is I’m still working at untangling stuff and wondering whether I should switch from a first person narrative to third person…

Well, on target is good. I’m not grumbling. And not writing too much here where word count doesn’t ‘count’.

The two doggies have been so beautifully behaved today. Probably the rain just now helped. I’ve been at the computer and they’ve been sleeping on their towel/mats beside me all morning long. We had a good morning walk and I’m hoping they’ll settle down till our evening walk.
Somewhere nearby a small dog has been yapping for ages with someone periodically shouting ‘Shaddup!’ at it. I was concerned about the doggie but my first reaction was thankfulness that my two little ones were silent.
The old pre-dog me would have gone out in search of the other dog (which I’ve done before. Turned out to be a puppy recently adopted with the owner saying she didn’t know what to do with it. We got the puppy a box (that tins of milk came in—scary. How much condensed milk can one household put away?) and a towel to sleep on and that quietened it down some. Yes, the busybody side of me I’ve been trying to quell. I don’t know whether I’ve succeeded in putting it down or whether I’m using up all my interference energy with these two.

Still haven’t figured out how to find & add friends as writing buddies on NaNoWriMo though. I know Vera’s on there somewhere but we couldn’t link up so we’re updating/encouraging/taunting each other on FaceBook!