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TAW Week2

Week 1 was really good for me though I was spending a lot of time trying to figure out what I was ‘supposed’ to do. Really pleased to get to know some of the other on the journey because I hope the group energy will help me keep going as the journey continues.

I know it’s easy for me to practice yoga in a group than on my own despite how much simpler (no need to arrange time & transport, no need to wear anything beyond underwear… if that) it is to practice alone at home. I did worry I was going to class for the ‘wrong’ reasons but then I figure any reason that gets me on the mat is a good reason & I hope the same applies to my TAW journey!

All through the first week (sense of safety) I was asking myself ‘what are you scared of?’ during my morning pages. It struck me I was not looking for ‘safety’ (because if the Creator made me & put me here I am safe here) but the sense of safety that will let me try and play and relax and explore.

This week (sense of identity) I’m working on the question ‘who are you?’ but it’s really free play. Sometimes one of my imaginary lives selves decides to answer instead.

I’ve found some ‘relaxing’ (for me that means rain or waves or crickets) sounds on YouTube to lull the jumpy sides of my mind when I’m trying to work and I found the Absolute Write ‘water cooler’ that’s really speaking to me during my own writing breaks.

Something Pat (fellow TAW voyager) wrote about the physical act of writing bringing things home to us much more thoroughly made me write out my affirmations. Yes, I read we’re ‘supposed’ to but till then I figured as long as I had them in my head it would be good enough. What was interesting was that as I wrote them out I found myself adjusting them to suit me and though I started with 3 affirmations from the book I ended up (last night–today it may change again) with:

1. I create my self with each day’s thoughts and actions
2. I love learning, practicing and playing
3. I trust my self

No 3 comes out different each time: I get I trust myself to do my best, I trust myself to be gentle to myself, I trust myself to enjoy this life… it’s been fun!

And I read about James (another TAW fellow traveler–yes, one of the champions I mentioned previously) who’s doing like a hundred things already (stage rehearsals, music) and he’s already taking steps on his imaginary lives! I want to do that too! I’m going to the library later. I’m usually too hard up/stingy to buy books till I really love them but when I do I will buy them just to pay a thank you tribute to the people who wrote them ‘for’ me.

(James if you make it here again Thank You! I’m putting your comment on my happy board–at the moment it’s just happy sticky tabs but they work!!)

And I’ve made my ‘God Jar’. There are more sticky tabs inside. The thin coloured ones that I can fold and stick in on themselves in little squares after I’ve done. They look like candy in there. Yesterday I just wrote down the date & put it in and thought ‘now that’s taken care of’ & I think the day went really well.

Today I woke late–7.30 instead of before 6am as I’ve been managing to do so everything got pushed back a bit but a blessed angel came to walk the doglets and they got a long long trek up Clementi Road, round past the mosque and Sakuraya restaurant and down into Clementi Woods Park. That’s further than I normally take them and they came back so High & happy & hot & tired & panting & so very very glad to see me that I was happy (though not as tired) too! They’re both asleep now.

My difficulties with the TAW journey so far: I love doing the morning pages but my right hand & arm hurt, not being used to writing. I’m not doing morning yoga & meditation because I get right down to morning pages when I wake & then there’s dog breakfast, dog walking, feeding fish, turtles, watering plants before too much sun gets to them… and I’m not writing here as much as I would like to.

I’ve thought of doing my morning pages here but since so much of them goes ‘this is a nice pen. It writes better than the other pen. I want to change my handwriting to something more regular’ it would really be a waste of space.

And of course I want to get back to working on the CB (Current Book though sometimes the more vulgar term applies) by 9 am.

But overall I’m having a Great time so far. Thank you Wenona & everyone else on this journey!


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