TAW Day 4

The 4th day of my new Artist’s Way journey and the first day of July.

What do you do when you try to listen to your ‘inner artist child’ and all she wants to do is play???

Or perhaps all the others on this journey are better children than I am.

Today I have one last day of massive manuscript cut & paste transfer which should bring the manuscript up to 50,000 words. From there on it’s the fine tuning & writing in from all the stuff in messy handwritten notes & messier in-head thoughts. But in a way I”m looking forward to that too.

I did my morning pages and that was very good. I’ve found my creative champions–

Category 1: people who’ve actually helped/encouraged/given me money/read my stuff/staged my stuff/published my stuff/loved me even though they had NO IDEA what I’m trying to do

Category 2: people who’ve inspired me through time by what they produced/wrote/created/lived

Category 3: people who are inspiring me now in the step by step day by day art of living and committing to living creatively. And two of them are actually in this same Artist’s Way journey with me… three of them actually! (Thank you J & J & W!!!) and I just keep telling myself if they can keep walking the path with such good attitude despite all the other stuff they are doing and living with so can I.

That’s the best part about a joint journey, I think. That you don’t have to do it alone.

I really need to get this book completed and off to the publisher before the 20th or so of July. I’ve already gotten extensions & I know they’ll be nice enough to extend further if I tell them the product will be better but I’ve got all the 24-hour scripts coming in after the 24th-25th competition.

I really love the process of reading those scripts and I want to enjoy it again this year but I know I won’t if I’ve got UM (Unfinished Manuscript) thoughts hanging over me. And I would really like to get a couple of days off in between that, the judging, and getting on with the next manuscript, (now tentatively titled God’s Rottweilers) which was supposed to be finished when? Oh yes, yesterday… and the longer, even later Man Groves in the Lion City which has already had it’s first reading & I need to incorporate the comments from my sweet patient readers before I forget them/lose them/decide to rewrite the whole thing from scratch which alas has also happened to me before.

And I swear I can feel my bum growing just from the amount of time I’ve spent sitting instead of moving around and I haven’t been back to Back On The Mat in… let me see omg 2 weeks. I’ve been blaming the early morning rain (because I can’t walk the doglets at 7am I walk them after the rain which makes me miss my mysore window) but I’ll work something out.

Meanwhile artist child has got free rain, ocean & other nature sounds to play while I sit here at the computer. It seems to lull the dogs to sleep which is good.
Bless the people who take the trouble to record & post these sounds for free!

And ‘she’ got herself some lovely fragrant peonies for the work desk even though Monday’s flowers are still alive and well…

Fragrant Peonies

Monday’s flowers still here…

The little hard red buds reminded me of coloured jelly beans


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