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Day 1 of TAW Journey

Did my morning pages, took care of the fish, turtles, plants and walked the dogs… these are things that I want to keep up whatever else I’m doing with my life.

Oh and of course the re-editing of Dead No Bodies. I want to add another 5000 words to the new draft (5) but I keep getting distracted.

Is this a side effect of letting the ‘inner child artist’ out to play? She doesn’t want to work/write she wants to water colour guppies and make up a list of stuff to do on the trip like: walk through Haw Par Villa, visit the Asian Civilisations Museum, buy, paint & eat mangoes, lychees and durians,

But I do want to keep up with my writing and reading schedule. I want read ‘proper’ stuff except inner child wants to read poetry and greek tragedies and architecture magazines and simone de beauvoir.

I also want to keep up healthy eating/sleeping/exercise (it’s on the contract). Today I woke naturally just after 6 am which means about 7 & 1/2 hours sleep. Rice & bean stew in the crockpot for dinner–I’ll probably add some fresh greens towards the end.

And exercise… that’s the toughie. I’ve been for one 30 min walk with the doggies and there’ll be one more probably longer in the evening if it doesn’t rain. In addition I want to do either a 30 min self practice or spend 20/30 minutes in the gym. We’ll see how that goes.

But for now, enough distractions–back to Scrivener!


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