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Focus Switch

The ‘Current Book’ is on hold for a week, maybe two, because of something totally unexpected…

Some time ago I spoke to someone at Epigram about getting some of my plays into print. Much as I Want to, I explained I’ve promised them to Enoch at Firstfruits (well that was like two years ago) who still wants to publish them… some day. I love Enoch dearly and like what he’s done with his other publications so that’s great.

So when Epigram got in touch & asked how things were going that’s what I said. But then I asked whether they would consider looking at detective or literary fiction. I didn’t think there was much chance because their previous publications are cookbooks/poetry/plays but they said Yes, they would like to see what I can send them!

So I pulled out some of my old stuff to look through again. I’m hoping to send them ‘Dead Wrongs’ as my mystery manuscript and ‘Man Groves In The Lion City’ as my ‘literary’ manuscript. But even though I thought they were both ‘finished’ (I’ve hit 3rd draft on both of them and thought they’d dead-ended) now reading through them again I’m finding tens of thousands of things I want to change.

So… I’m working on Dead Wrongs first, transferring it over to Scrivener so I can check at a glance what goes where. & I’m working on double screens for the first time today–have my draft 3 in doc.x on the laptop (sitting on my tissue box. My nose has miraculously dried up due to excitement or stress) and the draft 4 in php on my big screen.

I thought it would just be a quick run through but it might take longer than I expected even though I’ve got the story & characters worked out (I thought…) but more and more things pop up needing to be changed…

Well, at least I’m alive and functioning and should be grateful for that!

Tried to walk in Kent Ridge this morning but fire ants were migrating due to last night’s rain & poor Princess got several caught in the fluff of her tail. Every now & then she had to stop to sit & clean out her poor bitten little underside when they crawled up through her fur & onto her skin!

Evening walk went better–we met ‘Monster’ the whippet and for the first time he & our dogs got along fairly well, almost to the stage of playing–anyway no more growling. But maybe it’s a Vesak Day special?

Anyway I’ve redone the first 3 chapters today (slow slow slow!) at almost 10 thousand words in between killing zombies (have fallen in love with Plants vs Zombies) and it’s time to take a break before my eyes die on me!


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