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Mixed Feelings on Friday

I’ve decided that yesterday was a great day. It was on the fence for a while though

Downs: I let myself get bogged down/stressed by writing requests that came out of nowhere & in spite of my saying ‘no’ ‘no time’ and ‘not something I want to do’. The problem is even after that I found group emails that included me & pdf files for me to read/edit/rewrite “just when you can, no hurry, but we need this by dd/mm and we can’t go ahead till we hear from you”
I went for a post yoga massage & found 11 ‘urgent’ messages when I turned my phone back on, most of them telling me to respond to my emails!
The biggest difficulty was all three requests came from people who I like & consider friends.
The old me would have obliged, I think–while feeling bad about it. The new me said ‘No’.
It’s difficult (Methodist Guilt) saying I don’t have time to take on a project when I’ve just had a back massage but my priority right now is the Current Book and I don’t want to drain myself on other writing.

Ups: I’m on track with the CB. Week’s goal was 25,000 & I reached 26,000+++ so I’ve got a bit of space to read/edit in.
I went to listen to Ferran Adria speak and was very impressed. Of course he was talking about cuisine but I thought a lot of what he said applied to writing.
My favourite points (paraphrased to a writer’s POV of course):
1. That we all crave different tastes & sensations in food but could not eat or indeed survive without the flavourless, colourless essential component of water applies to what we crave in the written word too.

2. There is a difference between sensational and significant cuisine… same thing applies to writing.

3. We must not be ignorant and superficial about historical & contemporary cuisines/literature.

4. You need good quality fish and rice of course but 90% of the success of sushi is in the temperature. For me that translates into needing ‘good’ characters and plots but success being in the writing that supports them.

5. You see cuisine differently as a cook and as a person. As a person he ‘eats airplane peanuts’. Yes, and differently as a writer and a reader too.

6. He is now closing El Bulli for 2012 & 2013 but even before that El Bulli (repeatedly credited best restaurant in the world) was open only 6 months a year, the rest of the time was dedicated to research. Yes! I have to spend more time doing serious reading!

Ferran Adria reminds me of Mozart as Mitsuko Uchida describes his music; (paraphrasing from what I remember of radio interview) on the surface it is beautiful, light, joyous energy and only if you look deeper do you see the incredible technical complexity that goes into his work.

Yesterday was also good because I had a good asana practice–only Primary Series but I think I’m getting ‘back’ into the flow. This morning I did a short practice at home and even could do the utthitas without problem… think in class the frazzle of getting there takes my balance away!
I find my balance is always better after meditation/pranayama. I should try to fit that in but before class there’s usually the rush of getting the doggies to daycare first which means traffic and sad canine faces are uppermost in my mind when I get to the shala…

This morning I read that Kathryn Stockett who wrote The Help spent 5 years writing it (she started the day before 9/11) and received 45 rejections from agents before she got published–I’m so behind on collecting rejections!!!

Full day today… got to get started.

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