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Early Start

Busy day today & thought I had to work on a last minute script for a short video so got up at 4.30am (if people can go running at 4am I can crawl out of bed & onto the computer table at 4.30 right?) only to read a blessed email saying it will probably be postponed… so I got an early start on my CB & Rooteins instead.

And I added my daily tapas practice to my Rooteins list instead of keeping a separate record though that’s been working quite well.
Strangely, instead of being intimidated by the list of to-dos there I find it reassuring to know there’s a record & I can focus on the task at hand.

Feels very good actually.

The moodle is sleeping on her cushion behind me after groggily following me out of the bedroom & trying to persuade me to put her on my lap.

Word Count: 24830 words before 6am!
Word Count: 25,716 words & I’m breaking for lunch early!


4 Responses

  1. Okay! I hear you. Take care — AP

  2. Wow! Ms Yu, you sound so disciplined that it’s scary. I tend to wake up a few minutes just before my alarm goes off at 5.00am, and then I will laze in bed for about 45 minutes thinking about “plot and character development”, solving practical problems. Then I will write from 6.30am or so to maybe 11.00am. After that I only do re-writes. This routine developed when my Stunt Nephew (aged 4+) was in Nursery One, I was doing the school run Monday to Friday, and the only time I could find to write was in the hours before I had to pick him up from Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten at 11.30am. Thanks for letting your readers enjoy a peek into your writing process. — Andrew

    • P/s: Is there any way I can persuade you to post more blog entries on the process of writing? I’m just so incredibly curious. For example, I’d love to know how you feel about your characters, how you develop them. So many questions… do you write better when you are working on one project at a time, or when you are juggling a few of them? Do you allow people to read rough drafts (*I do; I run sketches by a few “test readers”)? Do you enjoy naming your characters? Sorry to bombard you! AP

      • Sweet of you to ask but this is purely to keep me ‘accountable’ to my CurrentBook writing & yoga practice… & reminding myself to protect space in my life for myself & all the livestock that share it so…

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