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Setting Intentions

This morning I did 3 A’s & a B before walking the doggies and doing breakfast. Haven’t done a full practice for some time but I’ve been walking twice a day (at least) & the dogs are settling in.
And after breakfast I got The Blind Assassin (Margaret Atwood) & The Suspicions of Mr Whicher (Kate Summerscale) on the Kindle this morning to kick off my year’s reading so I’m going to call it a good start to the year!

This year I intend to do daily home practice (more than just sun salutations no matter how pathetic the dogs look–this morning they came to lick my fingers and toes and every time I paused in a pose Hermione would sit down and lean against me…) and go to Yoga Shala on Fridays after dropping the doggies at K9. I can drop them as early as 7 am. I need to get into a system where I pack my yoga gear and shower stuff all ready the previous night because Friday is the day my house help comes and I don’t like being around getting in her way.

2009 was a good year despite multiple deaths & upheavals. I enjoyed the trips to Hong Kong, Paris & the Koh Samui retreat & learned so much from them & I love the new doggies and all they’re bringing to my life.

In 2010 I want to:
1. Balance dog walking with regular practice to feel good, sleep good, look good.
2. Write with focus; complete four projects
3. Master Hand stands
4. Go on a Koh Samui pranayama retreat with dogs (!)

Does anybody know what quarantine laws are for Singapore/Thailand?

PM postscript:
Okay, got the info I needed though not exactly what I wanted… it’s very easy to get my doglets into Thailand with me; just not as easy getting them back into Singapore after. The reverse is true for Australia… looks like more trips are going to be postponed this year because I really want them to settle in here before I abandon them (temporarily but will they realise it?) to K9 boarding or AVA quarantine…!
If only there was some way to arrange ‘home quarantine’, they could be monitored same way as criminals under house arrest…

And I just realised today is the first day of WoYoPracMo! I may have to count my mini practice this morning since I’m now feeling all over-sunned.

Went for a late morning-noon time walk around Fort Canning with Peach & Mini (it’s hard to keep yelling “Princess Peach!” & “Hermione!” when trying to get them to run after balls/frisbees/kong toys… all of which they ignore) and got a bit too much sun, I think.

I was counting on the cloud & tree cover & was carrying lots of water (for all three of us) but now I’m feeling happily drowsy dozy and not at all inclined to do an evening practice… perhaps a little Yin or just warm ups, back bends and closing…

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  1. Happy New Year 2010, Ovidia!

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