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First Full Week Into November

Sunday again, I’ve completed one week of November—which is one week of NaNoWriMo, one week of Beginners’ Challenge and one week of working on the SPCA books. So far I’m still ‘on track’ for all three things.
In the long term I would like to have Sundays off writing—not because writing is painful or difficult or even unpleasant but because I think I need more time for input—both reading and otherwise.
This morning I walked Princess Peach and Hermione out and across to the prata shop where we picked up cheese prata and (on the way back) left several widdles and two very satisfactory waddles (safely wrapped in plastic bags and dumped in garbage bins). They’ve settled down enough to walk without trying to bark down, intimidate or otherwise destroy any other dogs or humans we pass.
Then—two baths with hair dryer grooming and then I defrosted and cut up some chunks of dead cow that are now grilling in the oven as they get converted into homemade dog treats.
Great contrast; last night I was having dinner with the VeggieGays at Rowell Road and this morning I (literally) have blood on my fingers. The dead cow(s) I just cut up probably didn’t have any better lives or deaths than the poor sick bloated beef cattle in the meat industry expose videos I can’t bear to watch. But I believe dogs are ‘true’ carnivores unlike us. And anyway it’s just a matter of where we draw the line… for myself it comes before eating cows. For the dogs I think it comes after cows but still before eating chickens… chickens seem to have the worst time of all in factory farming. The beef bits do seem to make a big difference in getting their attention when we’re out and there are distractions all around. I don’t know whether this is just a temporary training stage we’re going through or whether I’ll be cutting up bits of dead cow forever! But at least when I do this myself at home I feel like I’m giving them something closer to the original source than if I fed them commercial treats which contain “beef, lamb, chicken… preservatives and flavourings”!

Last night was a really great outing. The food was good—of course. I love Food #03. They ran out of burger buns because there were so many of us (and a big group before us) so we got our burgers made from scratch and served in wraps… surprising but delicious! Sadly I ate too many deep fried mushrooms to make room for the brownies the guys were putting away but I did pinch a tasting (okay, probably more than half a scoop) of the ice cream with red passionfruit that came on top of them.
Conversation ran from dragonboat training; how to distinguish between pimps and triad scouts, between opticians and optometrists and between horror and gore; dialogue in films vs dialogue on stage. It was great fun and I got so many new ‘sparks’ though I’m afraid the Megan Fox story doesn’t look so believable by day and after some extensive web surfing (yes, broke my no surfing before writing rule but it’s Sunday…)
Missed church this morning though I was hoping to bring someone for an ‘intro’ but I didn’t do the cancellation so I’m practicing my ‘no pointless guilt’ (another November) resolution and got in the prata walk instead. Later going to buy an oven, attend a champagne lunch to celebrate a lawsuit win and then see if I can scrounge last minute tickets for Sofaman at 3pm. I don’t have any other times free and I only found out I’m clear for this afternoon this morning and SISTIC has already closed ticketing for today so… it will totally serve me right if I don’t make it. But again—no guilt—I’ll put the time to good use instead… or maybe I’ll go watch Jennifer’s Body (even if or especially because I can’t believe the Megan Fox story from last night!)


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