Living With Dogs

Princess Peach who arrived on Tuesday will be joined later today by Hermione… former cell-mate at the SPCA.

Hermione was originally ‘pending’ adoption by another family but they had difficulties deciding between her & a siberian husky (Hermione is a chihuahua) & I guess they went with the husky!

It’s interesting getting used to living with dogs again. I was told to expect 2 weeks of settling in problems–fear, diarrhea etc but so far, apart from being rude (from a distance) to construction workers carrying things Princess has trained herself to piddle on newspaper & save her poo for walkies.

Or rather, whoever abandoned her seems to have trained her well.

She’s sitting on my lap now as I type this. ‘Separation Anxiety’ is another term I’ve learned & I’m hoping that time, familiarity & the company of another dog will help her settle in.

The first night, shut up in the kitchen/laundry/storeroom area she barked for almost an hour & I was afraid neighbours would object. Last night she had the run of the apartment (except the bedrooms) & she seemed all right.

Princess Peach 2nd day at home

Princess Peach 2nd day at home


2 Responses

  1. Good luck with the dogs. They look adorable

  2. She looks adorable 🙂

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