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Not Living The Yogic LIfe Yet… Facial Mess

I’ve been back in Singapore a week now & sadly, Koh Samui seems to have worn off…

Things were great up till yesterday. I only did one full asana practice last week (with the excuse my body needed to recover from 6 days of hard practice) but I managed to make time for pranayama morning & evening every day, even though that meant pre-6am on some mornings…

…I might still not be doing it ‘right’ of course–I’m still getting my basic breathing messed up.
I mean, it was a struggle to do asana practice with ‘thoracic’ breathing & now that that’s become second nature I’ve got to rediscover my abdominal breathing?

Put simply, I’m having trouble distinguishing between relaxing my abdomen & slouching/letting it all hang out or is this all the same thing?

But I’ve been getting on my ‘sit mat’ twice a day and that’s all I can do right now.

Another reason I know it’s not ‘working’ yet is yesterday I had a big freak out–

Sad thing is, it started as such a great day. I was re-writing chapt 16 & spent 3 hours doing ‘in the zone’ writing which amazingly & wonderfully seems to be happening more often these days (okay, so maybe sitting practice is helping a little)

Then I managed to get lost going to meet friends at Central. I ‘knew’ where Central is, having:
1) seen it on the way to Funan & Supreme Court & Arts House etc
2) looked it up in the Street Directory.

But my GPS sent me a different way & talking with a friend in the car distracted me & we ended up in Central Plaza only to find we were outside the wrong MRT Station…

Aside: why on earth would people name a mall ‘Central’ if there’s already a ‘Central Plaza’ not so far away? I know I don’t get out much. Yesterday was the first (& hopefully last) time I’ve been to either place but I’m sure it causes confusion to others.

But yes, we got to the right ‘Central’, had lunch & then–

–we all got lost on the way to the ‘spa’. Yes, I went for my first Facial, thanks to a generous friend who said she could See the blackheads on my face!

There was some phoning & looking up of stuff which again wasn’t all bad as I serendipitously ran into an old friend & stressed over a lost credit card (yes, all such happy people…)

And yes, we found the spa after more walking. I had my Vibrams & sun hat so I was quite happy with that part of things.

But inside the Facial room was a different matter:
Once you figure out how to wear their flimsy elasticized skirts (they go around your chest, under your arms–not around your waist or around your neck where my first attempts went) you lie back and they cover your eyes with cotton pads, blow steam on you then stick what feels like pins into your face and say things like “wah this is a big one, do you want to see?”
“I don’t want to see the needle”
“No need to see needle. I show you on tissue,”

I suppose it was effective but it look a long long time. Even after the pin pricks there was a gooey mask thing–

“What’s in it?”
“This is the mask treatment,”
“Yes but what is in it?”
“The mask treatment is good for you skin”
“But what is in the treatment?”
“This is the mask treatment for you skin.”

You can only question so far when wearing an elasticized smock around your armpits with cold pads over your eyes so I left it.

After that was over it wasn’t over. There was the cleaning off of glop they put on, then the putting on of more gooey stuff & the threat “shape your eyebrows?”
“Shape them into what?!”
“Just shape your eyebrows into the right shape?”
“No thank you, No.”

And even after that you sit and drink sugared barley for a long long time while they try to talk you into getting another package. My generous friend pointed out she still had eleven treatments left,
“But you can carry over to your next package if you buy now…”

Fortunately she (like most of the rest of the world) being better natured than I just kept saying ‘no not yet’ firmly. It reminded me so much of the marketing people at Pure Yoga!

Aside: Yes, I miss my daily Celeste so much but not much else about Pure–though I do miss my post-mysore peanut butter banana toast from Toast in Ngee Ann City!
& their cupcakes!!

But yes, after the facial I managed to get lost again trying to find my way back to the car. I’m usually very particular at noting such things but this time I was stressed about being late, about having got lost once already, trying to listen to conversation & phone calls with further directions–and when I got back to Central (stopping to pick up soy milk, bananas, a papaya, dragonfruit, all heavy heavy heavy) I walked round & round not finding anything familiar.

Major freak out: for a moment I actually thought I was in a reality warp. Had to call the friends I’d driven there with & ask if they remembered where I’d parked–it turned out to be the Swiss Hotel, not Central though next to Central, linked to Central & sharing what appeared common ‘To Carpark’ directions with Central

So yes, I finally found my poor car after abandoning my poor purchases. Served me right for not bringing my shopping bags–the store bags were cutting into my hands (still have red lines on my fingers now) & I just left my fruit & soy by a bin.

Yes, I know–all my getting lost had nothing to do with the facial stuff but I can’t help feeling there’s a sort of karmic payback for deliberately setting out to waste time by lying back & having people mess with my face.

But I really didn’t know a facial lasted so bloody long!

Piss point: I thought a facial could only last about an hour but it was past 4pm by the time I started my search for my car. I’d missed my tea snack & the sugary drink at the spa gave me a rush then left me flat. A hell of a lot of the time was wasted lying around with a mask on & getting shoulders rubbed with slimy stuff. I kept trying to keep breathing & relax but was getting more & more frustrated lying there when there were so many other things I would rather have been doing.

I suppose this goes into the category of ‘It’s good to try new stuff’ but I think where facials are concerned, once is enough!

After that I missed my pranayama last night & this morning while trying to do my ‘sit’ I kept flashing back to feeling anger, frustration, irritation over everything that happened yesterday afternoon. Now I’ve put it down I can let it go.

And yes, I’ve been back a week and it’s time to pull myself and my practice together.

It’s going to be busy next month. I have to stay calm, stay healthy, stay focused… no more experiments!


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