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Her Mind In Her Gap

from the Void Deck

On another front, Thio claimed, Christians face an emergent threat to social harmony whereby a non-religious group uses the religious card on Christians to raise emotions and divert away from the issue at hand. Thio stated that the AWARE incident was a perfect example where there was no religious issue as it was about a private takeover of a NGO and a debate over public values. But someone threw the religious card into the debate and when that happened all rationality was lost. The non-Christian who threw in the religious card, Thio argued, used religion to incite hatred over a group and such an act was dangerous tantamount to playing with fire.

The same, Thio continued, could be said of TOC when they victimized her (no specifics) by playing the religious card and accused her of imposing her Christian values when she was merely debating on a public values as a citizen. She termed the TOC coverage as a lie and irresponsible reporting and said that TOC was not interested in public debate and was only interested in creating confusion. Thio also used a Latin expression that equated those who create irresponsible internet postings as swine.

Towards the end, Thio was somewhat emotional and questioned the Christians why are they not angry when Christian views are being attacked publicly. If Christians continue to remain silent then their freedom will be lost eventually. She ended by debunking neutrality in politics and urged Christians to take up a position and speak up for the common good.

Does anyone else see her call to Christians to take up a position and speak up for what they choose to define as the ‘common good’ as attacking the ‘regardless of race, language and religion’ pledge we’re supposed to be living up to? aka using

religion to incite hatred over a group and such an act was dangerous tantamount to playing with fire


And how can she call her mama’s unsuccessful attempt orchestrate her minions into a takeover (incidentally showing off the great big beam in her own eye) at AWARE a non religious issue when her church’s pastor was using his pulpit to call on female members to rally to their ‘sisters’ support (at least till reprimanded by NCCS)?

Elsewhere she talks about how Christians are tolerant of others’ views but others are not tolerant of Christian views and how she is the victim of online attacks…

Well, part of the reason I’ve shifted over to Facebook from blogging here is because of what she would probably call online attacks–in this case I suspect from homophobic fundamentalist Christians; their hyperbole, aggressive use of CAPS, poor command of basic English grammar and choice of pseudonyms while remaining anonymous is a dead giveaway–oh, and their subject matter of course.

But I’m back here because I also feel moved to speak up–or rather, write out. Go read the piece I’ve linked to and see what you think.

This woman frightens me because she seems to be pushing the line “if you all don’t come and fight on my side then God won’t consider you Christians or good people because the only good people are people who see things my way… I mean God’s way… well it’s the same thing, really. I know because I am a law professor and smarter than you,”


8 Responses

  1. the essence of christianity is grace and mercy, which if i’m not wrong, constitutes tolerance.

    somehow many have lost the plot.

  2. You know, TLA did admit she was different when younger. Before she heard the ‘voice’. Before she fell to the dark side. Say Thio SM is the Evil Sith Emperor, and Thio LA is her apprentice, Darth Vader. The Gahmen/PAP is THE FORCE: All powerful, but essentially neutral; has Dark and Light sides; seeks Balance. AWARE looks like Episode 4. Maybe Singanews is Episode 5? Say Siew Kum Hong plays Han Solo. Who is Yoda? Is Ovidia a Jedi or just one of those alien bar patrons?

  3. Actually, we should kind of pity Thio LA. I think if any of us were caught in the clutches of Thio SM from when we were defenseless little babies, we’d be hearing voices too. Just imagine what TSM must have been doing to her daughter through the years for her to become like this.

  4. They are putting up a christian site for their propaganda and pretending that it’s actually secular. No doubt funded by the Thio family lurking in the background.
    Its the same pattern of dishonesty that we saw in the AWARE saga. Blatantly denying the obvious and treating everyone like idiots (flocks of sheep?).
    At least they are consistent.

  5. That whole thing screams bull**** on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. The scariest thing is that, I’ve grown up among people like this and before I started questioning the whole thing, fear mongering arguments like that are very, very convincing and effective at getting people to ‘spread Christianity’ by instilling a fear of the religion being attacked.

  6. Her book has a 5 star rating and a glowing review from one of her friends trying to promote it. It is calling out for another review from a less partisan perspective.

  7. I think TLA needs to get hitched and get a baby. Then maybe she can qualify as the rallying point for good christian values espoused by her church and mama – is he mainstream family values. As long as she remains single (is she attached? Seeing anyone?) she remains a ironic icon for their movement

  8. Ovidia is absolutely right. I’m a Christian who has also been getting online attacks from OTHER Christians for not supporting the Thios. But I don’t go around screaming victim on every rooftop to get cheap sympathy and trumpet my own magnanimity. Also, you’d think someone notices by now how one doesn’t become Godly by slapping the word on one’s book title. It’s horrifying to know that there are actually churches that will support such self-aggrandising behaviour.

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