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Doggie Day

Mindy is the loveliest 8 month old golden retriever. She has a gentle way of resting her face on your arm as though to say “take me home, take me home”

But I also want to bring Piper home, especially today. Usually Piper doesn’t like walking very far or very much but today she was a little angel. She walked, she ate some strange looking weeds I couldn’t identify (I snapped some stalks–no white sap no itch so didn’t stop her) & was only frustrated with this human on two legs that didn’t want to walk up and down slopes or in drains.

As a compromise we did walk through some undergrowth & I enjoyed the rumput sepagi (little pink tipped buds that explode into silky powder puffs) and aring aring (like miniature daisies, white petals with yellow centres) while Piper chewed wild pepper (enjoyed writing that!) & lavender sorrel & we both had a great time.

And then there’s little Oreo, black and white Jack Russell who’s really tiny but really spunky. She’s curious about every bit of noise everywhere, especially when there are other dogs involved. But she’s really smart. Though she was eager to go go go up the road, after doing her ‘business’ she waited for me to clean up and pet & scritch her before she started up again–like she deserved praise for saving it up till she was out of her cage!

All this is very good incentive to get rich–I’ll be able to bring home one, two or three dogs and/or cats, rabbits, hamsters…

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