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Sleepy Morning

Last night had marathon session of Michael Jackson music videos, toasted (organic) waffles, chocolate strawberries & memories;

“What were you doing when you first heard Michael Jackson?”
Realizing with a shock OMG we’re Old! I mean, older than our parents were when we first listened to ‘Black or White’ or ‘Man in the Mirror!’ what happened?
How did it happen?
When did it happen?
Why did it happen?!

(incidentally ‘?!’ is an interrobang, something else I’ve just learned)

“Is Prince still vegetarian?”
“Is he still called ‘Prince’? Thought he was artist formerly known as–”
“He’s Prince again. Now he’s the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince,”
“We’re the same age you know, me & Prince & Michael Jackson…”

Once upon a time it seemed anything was possible–we just had to be practical & pay for the house/car/investment condo/timeshare holiday home/retirement fund/medical insurance/nephew’s education before we pushed everything else out of the way & stretched ourselves to the limits of what we could do with these lives, these bodies, this world we found ourselves in.

The only tough decision was what we were going to focus on: it was easy for me, I was always going to be a Writer (though had a short mad phase of going into dance design) but what happened? Norah Roberts has already written more books than I’ll probably ever read.
Our brilliant Singer-Songwriters are now doctors, engineers and somethings in companies (sorry, tm & n, not sure what exactly you do) and where once we were afraid we were too young to start out we’re now starting to say we’re too old to start over.

But some warped things (ie us) don’t change.
Somehow conversation got sidetracked into “Why wouldn’t you marry Sumiko Tan?”
(Don’t ask how. It was late. Think she wrote something in the papers that I missed. “Because she won’t give up sharksfin soup at the wedding dinner!” won. Anyway we’re old enough not to have to explain our eccentricities!)

I should get started on today’s writing.
I should go shower (did 30 min quick workout)
I should decide whether I’m going to try YogaShala noon mysore. I should leave by 11am to find the place.

Learned last night that in addition to 9am Mysore classes daily there’s 12 noon mysore on Tue, Wed, Thurs.

Thinking of going because I Really have to get back into the flow of daily practice or I’m going to die (or kill myself) in September with 90 min daily pre-breakfast practice.


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