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Been writing well but suddenly getting hit by distractions–all worthy distractions of course…

If you can spare a moment & a couple of clicks please visit

About 64 For Suu

Excerpt: “Welcome to the global hub for supporting, Aung San
Suu Kyi, Burma’s detained democracy leader, on her 64th birthday. 64
for Suu is a site where anyone from around the world can leave a
message of support for Burma’s imprisoned democracy leader, Aung San
Suu Kyi and all of Burma’s political prisoners. We want to gather
thousands of messages by Aung San Suu Kyi’s 64th Birthday, June 19th
2009. You can view video, text, twitter and image messages from around
the world left by politicians, celebrities and the public in support
of Aung San Suu Kyi.”

Other stuff that’s been coming up:
Anthony Yeo (why aren’t I do more instead of sitting at a computer?)

Lorca (dramatist/poet, passionate love & pride, buried in a self-dug grave, one of his-then govt-sanctioned killers boasted having shot him in the ass for being queer)
CIA (alleged) torture program (eg Iraqi prisoner who died during interrogation found to have been ‘crucified’; died from asphyxiation after being hung by his arms with his ribs broken)

(Yes–NewYorker June 22 arrived)
How and have we changed/learned/grown?

And I’m sitting here blogging & wondering-jealously, I’ll admit-how Nora Roberts can finish writing a book in 45 working days (she turns out 5 books in a typical year)

I know–if I spent more time writing rather than surfing…

Also coming up:
MAP showcase
‘Talk Write’ talk for 24 hr play competition
Creative Workshop (as participant!)
Putting Mum in a remembrance niche (got a double niche–don’t know if that’s forward planning or being ghoulish)
24 Hr play competition at Marina Barge (I’ll be there to launch/wrap up/answer questions but no real ‘work’ till…)
Judging 24 Hr play entries (which is always interesting but a good chunk of writing time gone)
Raja’s show at the Esplanade (Film-Faust)
Martin Kirk’s Anatomy Anusara workshop (looking forward to this!)

And people coming to lunch here today…

I lied about why I wanted to skip lunch in town–I know, lying injures our throat chakra but this time did worse than that.

“I’m worried about H1N1” I said, “Don’t want to go into crowded places–plus some of you just got back from Melbourne.”

I was hoping to protect my writing streak that was going so well… and got

“No problem! We’ll get food and bring it round to your place! Vegetables for you right? That’s even better–we don’t want to go into town either–this way we can take our time!”

So they’ll be here around 12 noon.
The advantage of a restaurant in town: it’s easier to leave a restaurant than kick someone out of your house.
(It’s okay. They don’t go online/read blogs… unless their kids tell on me.)

And yes, I know I could have spent the morning writing instead of blethering my dread but I’m really here to escape from the feeling I should run around cleaning house & hiding past issues of Curve Magazine… which I don’t want to because my very efficient house helper will be here tomorrow (if there isn’t enough to ‘do’ here she goes through my cupboards & irons shirts & goes out on the patio & weeds & tells me my turtles need more kangkong…) and I’m sure hiding curves is bad for my alignment.


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