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Back In Singapore, Back in Routine

Trying to be anyway.

If I average 1000words a day till September I can hit 65,000 words for my current (which is the 7th or 8th if you count semi-comps) draft of the NOVEL and I’m going to treat myself to an ashtanga & pranayama retreat (Paul Dallaghan conducting).

Was impressed by Paul Dallaghan at Evolution–also & especially by O.P. Tiwary, his guru.

What I gained most from this conference is: it’s fun to play & to recharge by experimenting with different forms of yoga & different philosophies but at base I’m most comfortable with Ashtanga.

I’ve also learned that pranayama, meditation & bringing the ‘yogic’ approach to all of life are inseperable from my practice.

In addition to O.P. Tiwary I was very struck by Geshe Michael Roach & Lama Christie McNally. This was from their presence in 2 lectures since I hadn’t (still haven’t) finished reading their books that I bought there. It felt like they radiated honest calm & vibrant intelligence.

I’ve been trying to keep up a daily (15 min at least) meditation over the past few years but that calm joy isn’t in me yet.

Or rather at moments, like now I feel in balance & connected & ‘God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with me in His world’ kind of feeling–but I remember how spitting mad wound up I felt over Coos-Aware & Mary Loh (see? even writing this starts to stir dire ire) and I want to be able to bring that kind of calm balance to problems as well as my daily life.

Okay, so I also want to cure cancer, wipe out cruelty to people & animals & reverse global warming so what I want I don’t necessarily get…
But what I got from Geshe Michael & Lama Christie was that it is not enough to meditate–once you calmed your mind you should do more with it. There were techniques like focusing on your inner teacher, mind debates & a lot more that I’m just scratching the surface of.

Best of all, they have 2 students here in Singapore & one of them is a friend who I knew years ago and lost touch with but who’s back in my life now! (or will be once she gets back from Oz).
I don’t know about attending regular meditation sessions/classes. It’s personality thing, I’ve come to realise I can’t take group activities like committee work & bible study / cell groups for any extended period.
(Strangely enough, regular mysore practice doesn’t bother me though the chatter before & after led classes can. Think maybe mysore people speak less agitatedly)

I suspect it’s all the social talking talking talking that goes on at such meetings. I find the voices & personalities of people I meet get into my head & clog my writing over the next two or three days–at least. If it’s a shrill/loud voice it can buzz inside my skull for a week & more! I can still write but my tuning fork is off & I usually have to discard what I produce then!

Best Pointer from Lama Christie: in response to a question about effect of onions & garlic on meditation she said yes, there’s an effect but so small it’s unlikely to affect us. We’re far more likely to be ‘disturbed’ in meditation by things we’ve read, heard, watched from a non-stop newspaper/internet/tv sources. And that’s so so so true for me!

I was also so very very very struck by Ana Forrest! The woman is incredible!!! And yes, I totally agree with her core focus (though it almost killed my abs) & being gentle to & ‘hearing’ your body. I had 4 sessions with her–signed up for everything she had except CET & I may go for that next year too.
And I did a handstand (assisted of course… for now…) in her class! Those who have seen me freak out at the prospect of doing any kind of inversion with other people in the room will know what a breakthrough this is!!!

From Twee Merrigan I learned not to panic when I feel myself losing balance… sometimes following th movement brings you back to balance & I found that’s true.

From David Life & Maya Fiennes I experimented with Jivamuki & Kundalini (great fun–invigorating, releasing, enlightening & stimulating but not daily fare for me)

Liked David Life’s comments on our responsibility to the planet & how not asking where & by who our clothes are made is as irresponsible as not wondering what conditions the pig/cow/chicken we’re eating lived under.

And of course David Swenson. We can’t live in a yoga community like we had there–we were there to recharge. We have to live in the world & the whole point is to find the best way to live here & move from here into what’s beyond.


One Response

  1. Ana Forrest? Again, I AM JEALOUS. 🙂

    Great to see you had fun.

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