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Amy Ippoliti is Awesome!

Yes, disgraced myself totally when it came to partner work inversions (I can’t I can’t I can’t work with people I don’t know!!!) but still it was a Fantastic weekend workshop.

In fact, much as I ‘learned’ about alignment & techniques I think the lectures & what she shared are going to make a much greater difference in my life & practice.

And that was something Amy Ippoliti stressed too; our yoga practice is not just part of our lives like time for gym/running is. When properly practiced it ought to be something that permeates the whole of our lives both strengthening (when you are in alignment you are at your strongest) & softening (when you are flexible you are more open to change & new experiences) us.

While it’s true a big part of my stress over the past couple of months came from external stuff (people dying, cats dying, friend betraying, the whole Aware mess) I definitely added to it by losing my regular practice.
Yes, I would go in for a class occasionally, put in half an hour on the mat between work sessions, but the regular, daily, showing up to get in touch with myself on the mat was gone.
& it’s difficult to show up for meditation time when you’re ‘enjoying’ being attacked & persecuted. I say ‘enjoying’ because it was almost like getting high on hatred…
It felt so right to hate those people for what they did that I didn’t even want to try to see their POV.

I was definitely out of sync.
Thankfully now I’m getting back in balance.

Thanks to Amy Ippoliti & her workshop & thanks also to LYNN LYNN LYNN (sorry Lynn–sorry too, Jean) & Sumei for making it all possible!

Off to Paris tonight–the trees & gardens will just have woken up, I’m going to walk, walk, walk outdoors till I’m happily exhausted rather than crossly overheated & cook spring veggies in my own little double hob ‘kitchen’ (aka living rm, aka dining rm, aka bedroom… yes, it’s that small!)


2 Responses

  1. Thank you dear!
    See you here some day soon too I hope!!

  2. oh wow. Paris. How beautiful it sounds. May it breathe light into you soul again babe. take care.

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