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Dr John Chew Swallows Thio Su Mien’ Snot Proved Allegations

I wish Aware would stop flitting around being ladylike and gracious and sue Dr Thio for her allegations & insinuations.

Their response to Dr John Chew’s pastoral letter of 10 May is an example of what I mean; they have the facts, they have published proof how far the poison of her slander lingers & of the damage Josie & her team inflicted during their short stint in office and they are writing polite letters instead of trying to correct it.

But–it’s not my fight.
Dr John Chew probably also still believes there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

I’m going off for a weekend of yoga followed by a week in Paris.


One Response

  1. Who is Dr John Chew by the way BUT merely a religious person!? Is it a trained medical doctor who knows enough about practical science which is the basic factual education on earth where living creatures are living? I have doubt about it from its blind internal letter of response on 10th May 2009 that it solely believes it was the ACT of GOD that MOE suspended the CSE programmes offered/serviced by AWARE. It had been a blind mixture with NGO AWARE main version & mission on earth! Could it be blinds follow a blind story!? I wonder!?

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