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I’m Going to the Asia Yoga Conference!

I’ve got my plane tickets (‘free’ because of frequent flier redemption), hotel room & I’ve registered!

This also means I’ve got to get my first draft done in 25 days -minus anusara workshop next weekend– but yes, yes, yes I can!!!

at 2500+ words/day I can make my dream word count of 80,000 words
at 1700+ words/day I can make my minimum first draft target of 60,000 words

I thought writing would be easier this time around because I know what’s going to happen where & how (roughly anyway) but my characters keep coming in & distracting me & trying to get me to name their children & mention their favourite foods and find out the name of that yellow 5 petaled flower with a white heart that used to grow wild around the outskirts of my grandfather’s land and whose large flat leaves were collected to wrap food?

And yes, I’ve been reading about all the attacks on poor noble Siew Kum Hong.
When you compare his NMP performance to that of Thio Li Ann…
But he is a good, strong and sane man, not afraid to stand against what he thinks wrong, unpopular as that may be. Now he is getting a taste of the anonymous barbs, innuendos and attacks most of us live with all the time.
Thank you, Siew Kum Hong. Be of good courage. We are praying for you & your family.

But I can’t get drawn in among the cesspit pharisees again–must stay calm & healthy till after the anusara weekend (Amy Ippoliti! I only managed to squeeze myself in thanks to Great favour from Great friends–thank you thank you!!) and then Hong Kong!!

One more hospital visit next Wed to green flag the workshop & trip.
I HAVE to stay healthy I HAVE to stay healthy I HAVE to stay healthy–I’ve already paid!!

3 Responses

  1. Just noticed you’re going for Anusara with Amy Ippoliti! I am officially JEALOUS!

  2. Hi really like your Blog, what are you thoughts on hatha yoga? I also found this really good guide on yoga that I think I might get, do you know any one that has got it and if it is any good? Here is the link http://budurl.com/runnersyoga

  3. Have fun at the Yoga Conference

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