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Was COOS Hijacked Too?

Was just glad we ‘saved’ AWARE & was trying to catch up with work/exercise/family/friends when I checked out this take (thanks PJ!) on what happened from an international POV:

I’m posting some excerpts–links to documentation & substantiation are in the original article, so do go look…

I did wonder why COOS gave off a vigilante vibe rather than the “We love you & will be here for you” most other other churches here do.

And a visiting (Anglican) friend said it wasn’t like any church he’d been to previously–but he just assumed things were different in Singapore.

Maybe things are different in COOS?

The Church Of Our Saviour stands out in that–visiting their website one gets the impression one is not visiting an Anglican church’s website (they claim Anglican affiliation)–but rather one of the “hip” websites run by many an Assemblies of God or “nondenominational” NAR-linked neopentecostal congregation.

There is actually a very good reason for this.

For starters, most CoE churches don’t have long talks with Hillsong A/G operatives about “prophetic dance” or have extensive NAR/neopente buzzwording and discussions of “Brownsville Revival”-esque “gold dusting” in their church newsletters.

In fact, there’s only one place I have EVER heard of that phenomenon–and that is within NAR-linked neopentecostal churches, and even a specific subset of the NAR (namely, Assemblies, Foursquare, and Vineyard-linked NAR churches).

In general, COE churches also do not have indoctrinations lists for the quarter for cell-church leaders or use Hillsong A/G recordings and other “Christian contemporary” artists in their hymnal or specific promotion of “health and wealth” gospel including sections on “maintaining your healing”. (The latter is, shall we say, unique–apparently failures of faith-healing can literally be blamed on “thinking negative thoughts” and thus “opening doorways to Satan”.)

In other words–we are dealing with something not unlike what happened with Holy Temple Bradenton in the UK–the church that is the originator of the “bait and switch evangelism” Alpha Course. Namely, the church seems itself to have been steeplejacked by NAR promoters from a completely different denomination–in HTB’s case, by a Vineyard-linked “cuckoo church”.

And in tracing the possible influences on Church Of Our Saviour, all roads lead–disturbingly–to Hillsong and to the Denomination Formerly Known As The Australian Assemblies of God.

In fact, this church is literally in the “Hillsong network” of NAR churches–the sole church listed in the “Churches to attend when you’re away” section is a Hillsong satellite church in Perth that is one of the most extensively and openly Joel’s Army churches I’ve seen–including the literal condemnation of non-dominionists and critics as “Jezebels” and invoking a party typically only referred to by Christian Identity promoters:

And–by their own blatant admission–they are targeting the East Indies as a whole, including not only Singapore but Timor Leste.

Among other things, COOS targets (just like NAR groups in the US) military members, including cell churches targeted towards persons serving mandatory military service (like many other countries, Singapore has mandatory national guard/civil service periods).

Another of the “seminars” held is actually particularly revealing–a seminar on steeplejacking businesses and using them for “bait and switch” evangelism…something that becomes particularly relevant with AWARE’s new head.

The fact that FotF has a Singaporean affiliate is bizarre enough, but this grows ever more interesting is the fact that Church Of Our Saviour is apparently the de facto headquarters of FotF in Singapore–and the new leadership has links to both groups.

This is not the end of the FotF-Church Of Our Saviour partnerships, though. The chairman of FotF’s operations in Singapore is also notably a member of COOS.

The use of cell churches (which is known to be in practice at Church Of Our Saviour) is particularly worrisome–not only are these used to infiltrate churches and political groups (and, as we’ve seen with AWARE, also NGOs), but are a major factor in how dominionist churches grow explosively and organise politically (as we have seen, interestingly, with AWARE’s steeplejacking–in fact, this may be some of the best documentation of this tactic ever recorded) and in and of themselves are horribly coercive–to the point that Matt Taibbi (who infiltrated the NAR-linked Cornerstone Church in Texas for a segment of his book “The Great Derangement”) literally documented personality changes occuring even though he knew what these groups did to rile people up.

6 Responses

  1. And for those needing more info, I’ve JUST had a guest article posted at Wayang Party that better summarises the info here.

  2. Hello–firstly, thank you for giving the article some needed exposure; it was precisely my hope that it’d get to the right folks in Singapore. (I have some friends there who’d alerted me to what is going on.)

    That said–the problem goes beyond COOS, and there has been an effort at attempts to hijack Anglican churches in Singapore from within (that–based on discussions with people and my own research–date back to at least 1975 and possibly as far back as 1963 with a notable wave in the 90’s as well) as well as efforts to set up NAR churches whole-cloth in Singapore (primarily Assemblies, “Evangelical Free Church”, “Baptist” (though not connected with Baptist congregations elsewhere), and a whole lot of “nondenominational charismatic” groups).

    In fact, just about every megachurch in Singapore would qualify as an NAR group; furthermore, that expo center that was holding the “Christian convention” (that the “new guard” tried to move the EGM to until the police said “no”) actually was a Joel’s Army conference featuring a speaker connected to “Mr. Joel’s Army”–C. Peter Wagner. (Ironically, the “new guard’s” attempt at this has proven invaluable in helping us researchers map out the network of NAR churches in Singapore and the approximate period when the NAR invasion started.)

  3. […] Was COOS Hijacked Too? […]

  4. If this were not too long ago:

    Can you say ISA?

  5. Watch this video!

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