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Okay-Calming Down

Several friends have talked to me & one dear wise soul sent me this message:

Hi there… be angry. Be very angry.
Don’t hate. Cos hate is the cornerstone of COOS
– although they parade it as love.

You will have to do what you have to do.
But know that being adversarial only makes these
people more smug.

I have remained warm, loving and cool…
so that Mary knows exactly the kind of friend she
has lost. I think she has probably lost one of the
few friends (you and I) who truly understood her
loneliness. The COOS doesn’t. She will learn that
in time.

I wish I had this level of wisdom & self-control.

I won’t rant this time. But I’m still going to post the email exchange that was forwarded to me.

Draw your own conclusions. But notice how carefully the ‘complaints from the public’ are orchestrated.

This Mary Loh Chieu Kwuan who instigated COOS (& FOTF) into this public complaint is:
company information deleted at her employers request after she sent them an email complaining consequences of her personal acts of vendetta were being carried over into her corporate life
and Arts Resource Panel Member (Multi-Disciplinary Arts panel) so those of you working with her please watch your backs!

And please note she rushed to report the picnic to her contacts in both Focus On The Family (Thuan Seng) & COOS (Derek Foo).

Derek HONG to COOS, cscc, eugene, graman, lawchua, visioncity, rswd2
From: Derek HONG
To: COOS English Church Staff – DL
Date: Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 7:20 PM
Subject: FW: For your information

Hi everyone
Please alert our friends and members to register their concern with the MHA.

God bless

From: Tan Thuan Seng [mailto:thuanseng@family.org.sg]
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 2:12 PM
To: ‘Mary Loh’
Cc:Derek HONG
Subject: RE: For your information

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the alert. Regrettably its not the first time as its part of their “’Indignation”’ activities that they organize to coincide with National Day. I will lodge a complaint with MHA but perhaps you should also register your concern as it may be helpful for more people to write to the Police or MHA. If they have a good turnout and try to turn it into an impromptu Speakers Corner the police may take action to break it up.

Tan Thuan Seng | Chairman| T (65) 6336 1444 | M 9430 5345 | http://www.family.org.sg
9, Bishan Place, #08-03, Junction 8 Office Tower, Singapore 579837

—–Original Message—–
From: Mary Loh [mailto:kwuanloh@pacific.net.sg]
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 12:20 PM
To: Tan Thuan Seng
Cc:Derek Hong
Subject: For your information

Dear Thuan Seng

You may wish to alert the relevant authorities that the gay community are planning a unofficial “Pink Picnic” at Botanic Gardens on National Day from 4.30 – 6.30 pm next to the symphony stage. I was unwittingly invited.



and as another wise friend just wrote (I’m pasting your comment here, Seth, because it got deleted with my previous post but I think it deserves to be read)

It just shows how dangerous and covert COOS followers are. I also think it is rather frightening how people who were once friends can be brainwashed by others using religion. It just shows that anyone you know of can be converted to a Christian Fundamentalist.

Everything about COOS is really becoming sinister and I can’t help but think this church has political aspirations.
Encounters with their trolls here and in other forums already shows that they are beyond reason and logic. I fear that trying to take over AWARE is only the beginning and they will try again with some other organisation.

Everyone should also have notice by now that Derrick Hong, Feminist mentor, Josie and Co have not apologised for their actions. They still believe that they are faultless and that they have been treated unfairly by the press and the public. In case people are wondering, I don’t think Derrick Hong really apologised since “stand corrected” is not the same as saying sorry.

And If you happen to watch Josie and Co’s post-EGM press conference. Jenica Chua still had the cheek to say that the people who turn up for the EGM are not representative of the women in Singapore.

And of course there is Lois Ng’s conspiracy theory nonsense. She said that there are more than 3000 people who registered to be members, but only 2100 people turn up. She questioned what happened to the 1000 people who didn’t turn up. Obviously she is insinuating that they would have won the vote of no confidence if this 1000 people had turned up. Perhaps she is even suggesting that “like-minded Christians” had stayed away due to the NCCS statement.

Their indignant behaviour shows that they don’t feel defeated and I don’t think we have heard the last of them.


3 Responses

  1. Yes, I do believe they have political ambitions. Why choose Aware? Is it because winning it would ensure that a strong religious anti-gay voice also from coos remains in parliament? That is anybody’s guess now that they have lost. But they are astro-turfing the relevant cyber spaces and forums.

    One thing for sure is they are not the conservative majority though they definitely like claiming to speak for the majority. Rather, they are the vocal minority – the same group from a specific religion who all worship at the same religious institution. This is the same vocal minority that was involved in the hijack of Aware, in the letters that were subsequently written and in the online petition against the cse. One institution, one religion, one place of worship, maybe even just one ethnic group: the vocal minority. They are loud, like they are here as well, but volume does not reflect general opinion and should not be mistaken as a majority voice.

    So let’s continue exposing them with a clarity and truth – their agenda, their ambitions, their hypocrisy. And as the EGM and letters in the public media have demonstrated, the majority in Singaporeans want to dialogue about sexuality issues, not condemn with religious fervour and ignorance.

    So, let’s not get angry. Let’s educate, ourselves and the real majority.

  2. 2000+ voted. And only ordinary members are allowed to vote. The rest are more likely to be associate members (foreigners or men) than her “like-minded” folks. So I think her conspiracy theory is flawed. =)

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