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Already Plotting Next Move

This letter (sender & recipient tactfully removed–thanks froggie) gives the ‘other’ side of the EGM events.

So much for wanting to work together towards building a stronger Aware!

Dear friends,

I attended the EGM yesterday and would like to share my own impressions versus what was reported in the media today. I was there because of my concern with regard to certain teachings of homosexuality that has insidiously crept into our school system by way of the CSE (Comprehensive Sexual Education) Program. I am glad I went because it convinced me that we cannot leave it to others to watch over our beliefs and values. We need to be personally engaged. It enabled me to witness that the pro-lesbian/pro-gay lobby is indeed vocal, articulate, united and well-organized. If we are not watchful, acceptance of homosexuality will be the norm. It is already at our door step.

The CSE (initiated by the previous old guard committee) was brought to light by a group of Christian women who were elected as new exco members headed by Josie Lau. Contents of the CSE syllabus include:

– homosexuality is “perfectly normal.. people are born like this… its simply the way you are”

– anal sex – “can be healthy or neutral if practiced with consent and with a condom”

– pre-marital sex – “is really neutral”

Unfortunately, the press made Josie & her team to be a group of power-grabbing women who were out to grab control of AWARE to promote their own religious agenda. It was this perception that was the main focus that led to feelings of anger & hostility at the EGM, even by fellow Christians who sided with the old guard. Sadly, it was the old guard and media that painted their agenda as religious rather than concern about wrong values being promoted to our children.

Do not believe everything you read in the newspapers or forums.

The following were very evident at the EGM:

1) I got to witness first hand, the unity of the homosexuals/gays in attendance, the hooliganism bordering on lawlessness that prevailed throughout the EGM even as these people very forcefully and in a very unruly manner, sought to tear down the new exco at every turn, giving them no chance to speak or even talk about their plans. There was no respect for order but instead, chaos prevailed.

2) The new exco was booed, harassed, prevented from speaking, drowned out and blocked at every turn….simply because the other side was more boisterous, vocal, articulate, at times even physical (grabbing microphones, etc) and certainly well organized and orchestrated. Many in the audience were simply intimidated by the actions of the old guard’s supporters. Old guard’s supporters dominated the microphone, at times, forcibly snatching from others who wanted to speak. It was indeed shocking!

Yet, Josie Lau and the exco reflected calm & grace, though one of them did “lose” it initially, which the media highlighted while failing to mention the antics of the old guard’s supporters. It was really shameful and saddening. The old guard talked of being a civil society but the meeting was anything but civil. They asked for respect but showed none at all. Josie and her team should be commended for the way they conducted themselves throughout, with dignity and decorum.

3) The EGM was effectively hijacked by the old guard and supporters and I am personally glad that Josie and her team have decided to step down. They have served their purpose and they really paid a high personal price; they and their families. The focus should now be on the latest exco. I am thankful, at least, that Josie and her team have brought the homosexual agenda of the old guard to the surface and it is now up to each of us to continue the watch, if we really care.

Though I could not stay till the very end, it was very obvious to me that the Josie and her team consisted of women who were willing to rise up and be counted and, as a result, persecuted for their convictions as stated in Ephesians 5:8-11 :

” ….but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light…and find out what pleases the Lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them”

The homosexual slant in the CSE program has been exposed and we parents hope the MOE will re-examine the content of the program with a fine toothcomb. If you are concerned that such programs have been brought into our schools, and taught to our children, you can join in a petition to the MOE at


At the same time, precious lessons have been learnt by us especially those who were present at the EGM. We need to rise up to our responsibilities and calling if we are to be effective Marketplace Ministers. It is not one of confrontation but one of blessing and redemption; yet at the same time not surrendering the grounds that God has given to us.

God bless

I don’t know where to start. Okay, with

We need to be personally engaged. It enabled me to witness that the pro-lesbian/pro-gay lobby

in their eyes, everyone who spoke in support of the hijacked Aware (grandmothers, muslim father of three, Buddhist peacemaker) automatically part of the ‘pro-lesbian/pro-gay’ lobby


Josie and her team consisted of women who were willing to rise up and be counted and, as a result, persecuted for their convictions as stated in Ephesians 5:8-11 :

where in Ephesians does it say people who muscle into positions they are not prepared for, spend way over the budget without approval & dismiss the founders they claim to respect?
Excuse me, they were the ones doing the persecuting.

I was there because of my concern with regard to certain teachings of homosexuality that has insidiously crept into our school system by way of the CSE (Comprehensive Sexual Education) Program. I am glad I went because it convinced me that we cannot leave it to others to watch over our beliefs and values

She heard a trainer explain that the ‘homosexual’ part of the workshop took 1.5 minutes while ‘abstinence’ instruction took 30 minutes… and she’s upset?

Did she hear anything?

I was going to let this rest in peace & start getting on with my own life but then the stuff with that ex-friend of mine surfaced and I started reading my mail & got this letter…

Scary! & talking of scary have you seen the link PJ

and another take on the aftermath…

14 Responses

  1. i just cannot understand why these bible-thumpers so interested in others sex life. very eeeeee…. like peeping tom. i tell u, better keep your curtains drawn at all times. they might be checking to see if you’re having non-approved biblical sex… i.e. no “straws up your nostrils” type of sex. one wonder if they think about sex all the time.

  2. […] in secular nature of our Society – As My Life Is: Speak Out and Stand Up! – Writing-Yoga-Living: Already Plotting Next Move – TOC: The government’s strategic intervention in the Aware saga – Sgpolitics: Political […]

  3. I agree with Eveline, but such a counter petition will only carry weight if endorsed by parents and students (especially those who have been through the programmes), as well as qualified psychiatrists and counsellors.

    For that to happen, the programme has to be released.

    This is not about fighting for AWARE, but promoting education in a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory fashion. That is how responsible education should be done.

    It seems like a numbers game now (though I have a feeling it’s really not). The misinformed accept and advocate biased information, which they neither reason nor question.

    The informed majority has to speak up if they want their children to be educated without bring fed bias, discrimination based on phobias.


    YouTube removed the video you linked!

    It can still be seen here…


  4. i have already read the MOE statement and the only issue I have with it is with the following:

    “In particular, some suggested responses in the instructor guide are explicit and inappropriate, and convey messages which could promote homosexuality or suggest approval of pre-marital sex.”.


    I guess MOE still believes that shielding students from the “evils” of the world will stop them from having sex and becoming homosexuals. Or perhaps MOE is still operating on the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. So much for informed choices. 🙂

    But then again I will agree with MOE that parents themselves should be the ones who are ultimately responsible for inculcating values to their children. And we know how often Singaporean parents place that responsibility on somebody else. 😉

  5. Well I’m back again just to say this latest turn of events proves that their effort has not been futile:


  6. Ok Thio Su Mien is really too far gone. She saved Singapore from the tsunami? Let’s all send her a fruit basket.

    The size of this woman’s ego is such that even when her beloved mentees expected her to “give a more balanced view” in their defence at the EGM she spent all that time talking only about HERSELF.

    The author of this letter is probably another lucky one who got feminist-mentored. Is there a way to find out who else TSM got to? Because I’d really like to watch my backs with them.

    • humph: let me know when u sending the hamper. i’ll chip in. make sure to order one with lots of pisang… may be not just pisang. i don’t want to accused as a fruit bigot.

  7. You are really very resourceful! How you keep getting this stuff is quite amazing.

  8. I think we should start a counter petition to MOE asking them to allow the CSE to continue, because gahmen being gahmen, they always listen to the louder voice.

    We have to make it clear that these people are not the majority!

  9. The reason why you didn’t know where to start with, Ovidia, is that the letter was idiotic from start to end 🙂 hard to find somewhere decent to start from.

    One of the things I despise (I’d like to say ‘despise most’ but it’s difficult to prioritise) about this wave of engineered complaints, other than the abysmal lack of logic and horrible grammar, is that these people like to sign off using names like ‘Angry father’, ‘concerned parent’, ‘a woman’ etc.

    These people aren’t concerned in the least bit. If they were, they WOULD have bothered to find out about the CSE before this entire episode happened. Although of course perhaps they weren’t aware of it because their little kids, surprise surprise, weren’t turning into a generation of gays and lesbians. By deliberately choosing such names. they are just using their kids as a political tool, to play on emotions. Certainly shows how concerned they are for their kids!

    If any of these people are reading these, may i suggest more accurate monikers for you to use.

    – Bigoted father
    – Ignorant mother
    – Unenlightened parent
    – A sheep

  10. They will hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe. And that’s the sad truth of the matter.

    Did you see the part of the post-EGM press conference where they claimed that they were grilled about whether they were “pro-gay” and told that they were not fit to lead AWARE if they were not “pro-gay”? Where in their fevered imagination did that come from???

    Yes, they were asked if they were “anti-gay” and told that a group with an “anti-gay” or anti-anything agenda was not fit to lead a group dedicated to fighting discrimination. But it’s a quantum leap of logic to go from there to claiming to be persecuted for not being “pro-gay”.

    Then again, these are the same people who think “neutral” means “promoting and encouraging” and that spending 1.5 minutes to explain the existence of homosexuality to our children will lead to them turning into a generation of raging lesbians and gays. Bizarre!

  11. Maybe that is the problem with any form of fundamentalism, Christian, Islamic or otherwise. They see themselves as martyrs in the name of “God”. No wonder Josie and Co can remain defiant even now, because they believe they have “God” on their side. Worse, they feel that they have achieved their purpose because they have “exposed” the CSE programme.

    And why do they always feel that they are victimised and prosecuted when they are the ones persecuting others. But then again you are dealing with deluded people. The following article at Wayang demonstrates that:


    If Dr Thio Su Mien, the former law dean of Singapore can think that God punished Singapore with SARS because of our abortion laws, and believed that she had helped Singapore averted an Earthquake, you know that these fundies have thrown science, logic and reason out of the window.

    Anyway, the accusations that had been mentioned in their email had already be refuted over and over again. I don’t think anyone should even bother to try to post reasons to counter them by now. These fundies once convinced of their views are not going to change them unless their false prophets, fake pastors or “God” tells them to.

    What I am more interested in will be the response of MOE after their ongoing investigations of CSE. I think MOE had been placed in a difficult position. For MOE to say that the CSE programme is objective and safe will probably create another wave of “concerned parents” writing to forums, but for MOE to say that the CSE programme should be modified will be undermining a well-researched programme that had been tested and proven to be valid and reliable. I hope MOE will not buckle under pressure because it will provide the fundies with a victory that will make them even bolder to impose their will on others.

    Concerning the online petition, I don’t really take it seriously at all. Seeing that it is full of repetitions with comments based on hearsay and factual inaccuracies, you can probably imagine fundies trying to jack up the numbers by posting repeatedly.

    Another point of suspicion is that this petition is not posted widely in other forums or blogs, yet the number of signatures is almost double than that of the save AWARE petition which was definitely much better publicised.

    Lastly, this petition only appeared after MOE issued their statement. And suddenly, “parents” throughout Singapore suddenly start appearing and posting in online forums to express their “concern”? All these just sound like an attempt to show MOE that parents are complaining, especially since the MOE statement said explicit no parents had complained about CSE.

    P.S.: I used inverted commas for “God” because I believe if there is a God, He will show love and compassion to every individual. COOS’s “God” is cruel and encourages lies and hate which makes me doubt if he is really “God”.

  12. omg i smell a thio-clone

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