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Return to Regular Progamming…

But first, for closure, I think Cherian George’s piece is the best summing up of recent events I have read so far.

I managed 3 full practice classes last week but home practice only reached 30 minutes/day max.

And writing has also dwindled, dwindled, dwindled sadly.

But I believe my last few weeks were well spent.

I’ve told Aware that for a year I will commit up to 4 hours once a fortnight to anything they think I can help with.

I know it isn’t much but right now it’s all the time I can spare while meeting my other commitments–and it’s more than I was doing for them before (ie nothing).

So many of us have been ‘woken’ up to Aware by recent events.

Can we help them through this next stage by committing ourselves to volunteer work once a week/once a month/once a quarter/once a year?

However little time we can give Aware, it’s going to be more than (most of us) have done before.
But however little each one of us does, I believe now there are enough of us to collectively make a difference.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for all the great coverage and provoking conversation.

  2. […] Original post by Ovidia […]

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