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See you all at the EGM!

Thank you, Great to have your support!

Remember: get there early, be prepared for a long day, don’t worry–you’ll be amongst friends even if these are friends you haven’t met yet…

There may be delays, changes, claims & counter claims, but we should remember why we are there, that we are making a stand for what we believe in and that this is possible.

Be calm, be courageous and be counted!

I have a bleeding eye–think I kicked myself trying to do chakrasana (sort of backflip to non-yogis) in a non-calm state of mind. So if I don’t manage to see or recognise you please come & say hi!


Exhibition Hall 402
Suntec Singapore
International Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City ,
Singapore 039593

MRT: The nearest MRT Station is City Hall. You can then take a 10 minutes’ walk via the
underground City Link Mall. Alternatively, you can hop on board our Suntec City Courtesy
Shuttle Bus– pick-up point is outside the City Hall Station entrance at St Andrew’s Cathedral,
opposite Capitol Building.

Buses: Bus services to Suntec Singapore: 36, 97, 106, 111, 133, 501, 502, 518, 857, 700. Alight
right in front of the Convention Centre.

(& congratulations to Loretta & Audrey–first to be nominated by the Arts for Arts NMP!)

2 Responses

  1. hi darkorph–glad you were following! I tried to post from there (via phone) but somehow managed to lock myself out of my system & had to SMS updates to people who’d asked for them–but yes, GREAT result!!!

    It was fantastic being there–right after JL read the ‘1414’ votes supporting the motion of no confidence there was a dead silence as though people stopped breathing as well as talking–then she said ‘7–‘ I actually didn’t hear the last two digits (still praying maybe :)) but I know there were only two more digits–then after a split second of stunned silence it was like everyone was screaming and crying and dancing and hugging and giving thanks…

    I was at Suntec for almost 12 hours yesterday and the past few weeks have been crazy (people not saying ‘hi how are you?’ when meeting but ‘hi are you coming for the egm?’) but that moment made everything worthwhile!

    ‘Normal’ service–writing & yoga–will resume tomorrow!

  2. I was following the EGM on Twitter. It was soooo long, but glad for the 2:1 No Confidence result.

    Now, somebody has to start accounting for that $90,000 spent.:D

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