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Other Stuff

Because, believe it or not, life still goes on.

Tomorrow there will be a meeting of the Arts NMP group (to discuss the possibility of putting forward a Nominated Member of Parliament to support the Arts in Singapore).

So far response has been good (I don’t think Thio Su Mien has targeted us yet–) and I’m looking forward to a stimulating & positive meeting–really hope this works out!

The people organising this (chiefly Tarn How, Sasi, Alvin and Tay Tong) have between them years of experience in the practice & management of the arts.

This feels like it could be the beginning of a really positive step forward!

And the Amy Ippoliti Anusara workshop I’ve been looking forward to for so long will be on next month.

This is going to be a ‘workshop’ rather than an ‘immersion’ so I can start gradually–yes, this will be my first Anusara session!!!

What’s really intimidating is all the other people I know who are going to be taking part in this workshop are yoga teachers (did I mention this will be my first session? I did?)

But one thing that’s given me a great impression of Anusara practice (I can’t find a regular class in Singapore) is the teachers who have been through Anusara training or immersion.

Even when they teach other forms of yoga (Ashtanga, Hatha, even Hot) there seems to be a deep centered gentleness and calm, and they seem to have a way of helping me focus on my core strength and peace.

I’m thinking of Bo (from long long ago in Pure–think he’s left Singapore) and Betty, Pym and Bruce (who can even lead Vinyasa Flow with calm grace).

But I’m incredibly blessed with teachers right now–no complaints, thanks to Absolute Yoga. Yes, though I never never never thought I would have anything to do with a ‘hot’ studio I’m actually happy and growing here.

Yes, I know–I still have MAJOR problems with balance.

But (boasting time now) I can walk across the foyer in a straight line and up and down stairs without falling–medical results all good (in fact two nurses said they would take up yoga after seeing how well I’m doing) and no major OR minor seizures in at least two years.

Thanks Jeanne & Angela, beautiful Betty, sweet San & Kcute Knot! (& Andrea–love your car decal!)

But most of all Colette! If we hadn’t started chatting in Starbucks I might still be having trouble walking down a staircase!!!


7 Responses

  1. Hi Ovidia

    I chanced upon your blog while googling on some stuff. I just wanted to let you know that Bo is currently living in Singapore. He has been teaching retreats and trainings in the region and has an intention to set up an Anusara Yoga Studio and also offer Teacher Trainings/Workshops in Singapore and around the region. Do tell us more about the friends of yours who are setting up an Anusara Yoga Studio. Do write him at bosrey72@yahoo.com . Please pass on this message to Dark Orpheus if she would like to keep in touch with Bo. Do you remember your good friend Sylvia Lim? I am her sister 🙂

    • Dear Shirley,
      Thank you VERY MUCH for your update on Bo!
      I had no idea he was in Singapore, this is welcome news indeed.
      And yes, I remember you too–though I think I last saw you when you were only five or six years old so you’ve probably changed… but it is so wonderful to hear from you!

      (I just noticed you are ‘Shirley Srey’. Stupid question but are you married to Bo?)

      And yes, I’ll tell my friends tomorrow at the workshop–great news!

  2. Hi Mathilda–thanks for dropping in!
    Darkorph, I totally know what you mean!! Some friends are trying to set up an Anusara studio in Singapore–target opening date June–will keep you informed!

  3. Welcome to the joy of Anusara Yoga. I also feel more “open” in an Anusara class. I believe the focus of Anusara classes are on the heart, on joy, on openness – and they attract students and teachers that share this value. I really want to find a school that focus on Anusara in Singapore, but alas, I have not been able to find one.

    But if you do find one, please drop me a note. I want to sign up when I finally go home!

  4. Hi Ovidia!! Nice post! I see a familiar name! hahaha! See you soon!

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