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Aware EGM Akan Datang

Some recent views on the petition list:

Spore is secular country. Please keep secular organization secular. Even any perceived religion coloring on any secular organization is dangerous. ‘Rainbow Coalition’ is strongly wanted.

To the radical churches in Singapore – leave our secural, open NGOs alone!
We don’t want to be like the bible belt in America, and we absolutely do not want your ignorant policies enacted upon in this country. Bring back the old guard!

As a woman who has always highly respected AWARE’s work, I strongly believe that it should remain a secular organization open to diverse views. And one that always puts women – all women, regardless of race, language, religion, or sexual preference – first. For AWARE to remain a champion for gender equality, it cannot be taken over by a small group of individuals whose intolerance does not represent the organization’s core values. We must save AWARE. The veterans have my strongest support.

For those of you who have not yet seen the petition, do take a look here.and add your signature & any comments you might have!

The New Aware ExCo is certainly gearing up for the EGM. This is the first time AWARE has engaged a law firm, let alone such a high profile (and by all accounts, very expensive) Law Firm as Messrs Rajah & Tann.

Will Aware’s new ExCo be footing the bill for the services of Messrs Rajah & Tann (in which case won’t the lawyers be representing them rather than the good of Aware?)

or Will Aware’s new ExCo be taking their legal fees out of AWARE funds (previously dedicated to funding administration & projects)

or are they being represented pro bono by some lawyer (who might also regard Thio Su Mien as a ‘mentor’) and just happens to be employed by Messrs Rajah & Tann?
If so, would this be the best person to give legal ‘advice’ on the proceedings?

Of course there is another possibility: that Messrs Rajah & Tann are, as a company, officially acting for free on behalf of the New ExCo in the Aware Affair because Messrs Rajah & Tann support the values & tactics of the new Aware ExCo…

It’s also interesting that the new ExCo has engaged an ‘Event Organiser’ (Ape Communications).

Aware spokesman Lois Ng, a member of the new leadership, said its event organiser, Ape Communications, had only said that there were problems with the booking. Aware only learnt yesterday afternoon that the venue had been withdrawn ‘for law and order reasons’.

As Lois Ng explains here, they were not concealing the fact that there were ‘problems with the booking’… they were unaware of the what the problems were, having hired an ‘event organiser’ to take care of things.

I don’t think Aware has ever hired an event organiser before…

(in the past, didn’t volunteers & full time staff take care of such things? Oh, I forgot–the new Ex-Co are firing full time staff and most of their new members spend more time voting than volunteering)

Hope the new ExCo has enough left to pay the ‘event organiser’ after they’ve paid their lawyers.
Unless of course this is yet another friendly contact of the new ExCo or Dr Alan Chin doing the job at a discount…

8 Responses

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  5. Dear Bernard,

    You put us all to shame (& I mean that sincerely, not sarcastically). If I could write with your balance of wisdom, love (both human & Christian) and humility this blog would be a much better place.

    As it is, I thank you for visiting and sharing this with all of us.

    You may have directed your post to the new exco, but it applies to all of us–

    I think we all got very worked up when people and an institution we love and respect were attacked at & since the agm.

    So we must all thank you for your timely reminder to calm down and focus on doing the right thing rather than just ‘winning’.

    Bless you for your insight (& I hope it doesn’t get you into trouble with Alan Chin!)

  6. PS
    On reading my posted reply above, I may have not made it clear that I support the Old Guard of AWARE.

    The post was for the new exco..to be responsible when they participate in conflict, expecially when they are using the name of Christianity and its banner.

    Ovidia…you have done a great job with this blog of yours, and I have read many of your posts on this matter.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. And you have been fair.


  7. By Sat, more lackeys and pawns will be exposed. At least there’s a face behind those perpetrators.

  8. To the NEW exco of AWARE that took over by legality

    I wish both old and new..peace, wisdom and good friends.

    The church is blessed by being made of many people who care deeply about it. Any time that people care deeply about something, it is inevitable that some conflict will ensue.

    It is incumbent upon each of us, as Christians, to be responsible about the way we participate in conflict.

    “So if you are offering your gift at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.” –Matthew 5:23-24

    Inappropriate channels would include discussing the issue with other clergy or lay members of the congregation who are not parties to the dispute. This constitutes gossip and is hurtful and inflammatory.

    Never impugn the motives or character of another person. Try to discuss issues, not persons.

    Constantly re-examine your own position and your conduct.

    As the situation develops, you may find yourself gradually changing your mind, and that may be the work of the Holy Spirit within you. Be open to the possibility that you might be wrong.

    If you have pursued appropriate channels and you still don’t get your way, let it go. If you have official power of any kind, don’t use the power of your office to effect vengeance, or to enforce the getting of your way.

    Express your feelings honestly and directly, rather than indirectly — don’t use institutional process as the instrument of your wrath.

    We express our relationship with God through our relationships with each other and how important it is for the world to hear that Good News.

    I support the OLD exco.

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