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New EGM Venue

Saturday, May 2
2 pm to 5 pm
Exhibition Hall 402
Suntec Singapore
International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Join Us AT The EGM – If you support AWARE’s stand on inclusiveness and want to see it continue its work on the empowerment of all women, please attend the EGM to pass a vote of no-confidence in the new Exco.

Points To Note:
1) Admission and registration would be from 12 noon to 2 pm on Saturday, 2nd May 2009 .

2) It is mandatory to show your NRIC for admission and registration.

3) Only FEMALE members who are Singaporean & PRs above 18 years old are allowed to vote.

4) For those who signed up online and did not receive their membership card, please print out your confirmation email and receipt and bring it along for the EGM.

5) For those who have failed to register online or need help in signing up, please go to http://www.we-are-aware.sg/index.php#stillcan

It’s going to be interesting.

One thing I’d like to point out–we shouldn’t slam the new exco as a ‘Christian’ movement.

Actually that’s a point several Christian friends have made. They’ve signed the petition because even though at least two of them (well, two told me, I don’t know how the others feel) believe homosexuality is ‘wrong’, they think the deceitful way the new ExCo got themselves elected makes all Christians look bad.

But they don’t see Thio Su Mien as “an instigator” (which is how I put it);

In E’s words, “Don’t worry, most people see her as a big joke–an activist without a cause. If she wasn’t rounding up people to attack homosexuals she would be attacking Muslims and that would be much worse.”

4 Responses

  1. I agree, Robin.
    & looks you answered both previous questions for me! 🙂

  2. The location changed to Suntec late yesterday because of security issues at Expo. The ST will probably cover the venue move in the papers today or tomorrow.

    It is true there is no need to implicate all Christians in this matter but the fact that one small homogeneous group with faith based values cannot represent such a secular organisation. That is a fact that will no doubt be brought up repeatedly. Hopefully with tact but who is to say how emotions will run on the day.

    If you are participating, you should certainly convey your disappointment and anger. These people should be shamed for what they have done. But however things go, we must leave with the integrity we arrived with.

  3. Location keep changing..is that a strategy too?

  4. Hi Ovidia,
    The EGM venue you indicated is different from the info I received from We-Are-Aware which stated Singapore Expo Hall 2 as the venue. Please double check. Suntec and Singapore Expo are quite far apart.

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