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New EGM Venue

note: looks like they’re setting up IC scanners so please bring your ICs if you want to get in–also your membership cards/confirmation of membership (if you signed up later) & any other documents you might have printed out.


Notice is hereby given that:

1. The venue of the Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) of the Association of Women for
Action & Research (“AWARE”) to be held on Saturday, 2nd May 2009 , from 2.00 p.m. to
5.00 p.m. is hereby changed as follows:

Singapore EXPO Hall 2
1 Expo Drive, #01-01
Singapore 486150

Admission and registration would be from 12.00 noon to 2.00 p.m. on Saturday, 2nd
May 2009 .

It is mandatory to show your NRIC for admission and registration.

2. Messrs Rajah & Tann have been appointed to act as AWARE’s legal advisors to attend the
EGM to be convened on 2nd May 2009 to address legal queries relating to, and raised
during, the EGM including the matters intended to be transacted, AWARE’s constitution and
meeting law and procedure.

By Order Of The Executive Committee

Jenica Chua
Honorary Secretary
Association of Women for Action & Research

Does this:

Messrs Rajah & Tann have been appointed to act as AWARE’s legal advisors to attend the EGM to be convened on 2nd May 2009 to address legal queries relating to, and raised during, the EGM including the matters intended to be transacted, AWARE’s constitution and meeting law and procedure

mean that Messrs Rajah & Tann have been returned as an independent adjudicator?

Or does it mean that another devotee of the Mentor Thio cult who happens to work at Messrs Rajah & Tann is doing pro bono work for their cause?

Because if that’s the case shouldn’t there be more than one legal adviser officially present?
After all legal advisers, like ‘feminist’ advisers can have hidden (even warped) agendas.


13 Responses

  1. Can anybody confirm this is the latest??

    I read from Glass Castle that the venue has been changed again to :

    Exhibition Hall 402
    Suntec Singapore
    International Convention & Exhibition Centre
    1 Raffles Boulevard
    Suntec City
    Singapore 039593


  2. I’m concerned about Rajah and Tann’s presence too.

    I’m curious – who exactly is R&T acting for? AWARE? The Ex-Co? The members of the Ex-Co in their personal capacity?

    I think this is one of the points of the meeting that needs to be absolutely crystal clear going in.

  3. we should alert the riot police. this is a form of possible religious sedition.

  4. Hi there,

    The EGM venue was changed to EXPO right besides the Transformation Conference co-host by COOS:


    There will be thousands of Christians around on that day.

  5. In their press conference, the new exco had mentioned that Aware’s membership was at 880? That was several days ago and the numbers should be growing even as we speak. I’m doubtful that 2 hours would be sufficient to register everyone who wants to vote that day.

  6. would it be a mere numbers game that day or something more devious? like getting their own to camp overnight at expo the day before followed by an extremely slow registration process the subsequent day?

  7. You should all take a look at Josie Lau’s New Letter. One of the commenters wrote “did you know COOS is funding their members to go to the EOGM by providing free buses to support josie?”

    Not sure if it is just a rumour but for the sake of AWARE I hope it is.


  8. Talking about mega churches and mobilisation of Xtians, read this:

    At the same time, an alleged email also surfaced during the course of discussion, in which Senior Pastor Derek Hong of Church of Our Saviour, Singapore, supposedly encouraged acquaintances to lobby the government to decide against repealing the code.[28] The email contains a suggested format of writing, which could be found repeated heavily in actual letters to The Straits Times and reach.gov.sg, the Singaporean government online feedback website. The content of the alleged email is strongly similar to an earlier one sent in 2003 by Cornerstone Community Church. Neither Hong nor his church has issued any statement on this matter.


    It’s been Derek Hong’s handiwork, all along.

  9. In the event the mega-churches have been activated, it is highly unlikely they would support Feminist Mentor’s team of 9. Where’s the quid pro quo?

    By delivering the necessary numbers to save the asses of FM’s G9, they’d expect to get their own representation on the Aware exco, which they’d notice is not filled with members of their own megachurch. It’s highly unlikely they’d want to take orders from someone whom they just saved.

    If I were a megachurch leader, I’d use this opportunity to sign up my members, vote for the no confidence motion, so that MY hand-chosen appointees can stand and be elected into the new exco.

  10. I am alarmed the way Transparency alludes to being alarmed.

    The flock of mega-churches have been activated.

    If this is a numbers game, then AWARE is in trouble. The new venue just sounds too much like someone in another mega-church (which tend to hardly be moderate) is working on this.

    This isn’t an issue of Christians. This is an issue of extremists. And we have all seen the harm extremists can do.

  11. Can anyone get to the below story? It seems like the page is error. I have signed the petition but I am contemplating on joining AWARE. I would prefer to join AWARE on the fact that I believe in them, then to vote some new Exco out. I do not think what they did is right, but to ousted them in the same way, two wrong doesn’t make a right. Just my 2 cents.

    The Education Ministry (MOE) has contacted Dr Thio Su Mien, who is the “feminist mentor” to the new exco in the Association of Women for Action & Research (AWARE), to substantiate the claims she was reported to have made on the organisation’s sexuality programmes.

  12. Not all Christians approve of what the COOS and the New Guard have been doing.

  13. This is going to be a long drawn-out war of attrition.

    Judging from Govt’s comments & the full spectrum of public feedback, it is very difficult cogent arguments to be made because religious forces can be subtly hidden from view.

    Hard to prove/disapprove when in the light of what is known now, in open court it is still hard to establish the hidden hand of religious motivation in staging this ‘coup’.

    So for now, incumbency has built-in advantages – from ascertaining membership to setting agenda.

    Even in the light of apparent COOS email appeal to members to join AWARE & support New Guard, who is to say the other mega-chrurches with their pervasive cell-groups are not ‘personally’ motivated with evangelistical zeal to join cause with fellow Christians ? All would claim no one directed or organize them, they came on their own ‘accord’ & ‘convictions’.

    Seeing the venue Spore Expo immediately brings to mind the enthusiastic army of believers from the mega-churches every weekend. Shiver …. they have 5-figure membership, if 4000-strong COOS can launch a coup, what more can these mega-churches do ?

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