Josie’s Lau’s Insidious Insertion

In today’s Josie Lau letter in the Straits Times she says, apropos of nothing

There is a world of difference between fair employment rights and claims to ‘same-sex marriage’

Yes there is, Josie Lau.

And if you were paying any attention you would realise the only one confusing & conflating the two is your heavily talcum powdered fascist mentor.

The old Aware Ex-Co has already pointed out there is nothing in your claims.

So the way you slipped that into your argument, implying you are fighting to stop Aware’s attempt to support ‘claims to same-sex marriage’ is either because

1) You have confused Constance Singam with Thio Su Mien (for your future ref: the only one talking about Aware and same-sex marriage in the context of this debate is Thio Su Mien.)

2) It’s deliberate innuendo, part of the ‘sling enough mud and some will stick’ campaign.


6 Responses

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  2. It is surprising, perhaps not, that JL is now writing to the ST? to state their agenda? When asked for her views were before for the hostile takeover, (i) she had “no comments”, (ii) then there was this incoherrent views in the press conference, where jenica Chua seems to be in more control than JL is, and which she did not want to share with the Old AWARE, (iii) and further blunders in yet another press conference with her “mentor” to try to further propogate lies and falsehoods, and oh how “noble’ their intentions were – to save us all from our sins and the homosexuals.

    Is she expecting us to now take her latest statement? as the truth? This is incredulous. Lies and untruths has become part of them, that is, whatever they say, is now really questionable?? They even now need a legal firm to represent and defend them at the EGM? all at AWARE’s cost? My god, what else will they come up with next.

  3. I don’t think ‘inclusive’ and ‘diversity’ means what she thinks it means.

    Same for ‘family’, ‘woman’, ‘feminist’ and a few others.

    Josie Lau, Thio SM et al need a new dictionary. Theirs is obviously broken.

  4. A leopard cannot change its spots

    A snake will continue to be a snake…

  5. I have read Josie Lau’s letter and I feel she is changing her story all the time.

    At first she hesitated when asked if AWARE will help a lesbian who had been sacked from her job due to her sexuality, saying it is a “controversial topic”. Now in the letter, she says that “we do not think lesbians should be discriminated against in the workplace…”

    She also claims that “it is important to hear a diversity of views and to discuss these views in a civil manner” when she initially accused AWARE of being too diverse before changing her story to “single issue” society?

    Personally, I think her letter is an attempt to do damage control and to sway the public to believe that the new AWARE will be “inclusive” and “pluralistic”. Or she could be trying to rally homophobes by bringing up “same-sex marriage” when it wasn’t even discussed by the old guard at all?

    If being “inclusive” and “pluralistic” means sacking everybody that stands in your way and hiring only people from your own church, she should recheck the meaning of the words in the dictionary.

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