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I Apologise–

I apologise for a post I put up last week.

I should not have posted a photograph of men affiliated with the new ExCo alongside a hearsay account of events.

I have removed the account & photo from my earlier post.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is photo I am apologizing for posting.

men brought into women's space by new exco


13 Responses

  1. what photo? 🙂

  2. teehee… the perks of being here on time – am glad i’ve already read it.

    LOVE this post too!

  3. If they have any **** they should be picking on ppl of their own size or gender instead of throwing their weight around here.

  4. “Sir, yellow is NOT your colour.”

    Argh, my eyes!

  5. cannot put caption..wait kena defamation suit again..must blank out their face…then caption…

  6. Can somebody provide a caption for this photo? 🙂

  7. Might as well post a higher res photo…
    bigger mean more sincere???

  8. Hahahahaha….well done Ovidia! Very funny indeed! hahahahaha…..

  9. I think they threatened her with lawsuit?

    Not surprising to me.

  10. looks like they need a good workout

  11. Hmm…
    and were these the burly security guards (I thought there were three and most probably uniformed) that were called in to change the locks are the AWARE centre?


  12. ?? I don’t get it. Why apologise? And why should you removed the original post?

  13. OK 🙂 consider it removed.

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