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Great Support, Thanks!

Thank you everybody for your great support! 🙂

Was at a publishing workshop all day yesterday & halfway through had to SMS a friend (thanks Y!!) for the online petition because so many people (over tea & lunch break) were talking about–& not even to me!–how deceitfully they thought the takeover had been conducted & asking how they could help!

But one sweet woman said “The means were deceitful but the ends were a good cause, right? I mean Aware was showing lesbian porn in schools and encouraging the girls to try it?”

She also said she had only glanced at the papers but that was the impression she had got.

Me: No. They never showed lesbian movies in schools. They never encouraged girls to try anything. You think the schools and the MOE would allow that?

Sweet Woman: You mean the new committee lied about that?

Me: I don’t know what they said to you–

Sweet Woman: Oh, I don’t know any of them. I never read the newspapers properly. I just got the impression. But why would anybody lie about something like that!

I know who she could ask, but the answer would probably be ‘No Comment…’

She must have thought about it because she now wants the petition address!

So, for TH & and anyone else who might be interested in reading what it says, the petition address:



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