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Great News: Thio Su Mien Behind Coup Conspiracy!!

There are enough people out there & online documenting the contradictions & inconsistencies (I’m trying hard not to call them lies) put out by the new exco.

I’m just going to touch on some things before I go on to why I’m feeling so great this morning–

(btw transcript to last night’s press meeting is posted on another page–please see tab above & please excuse any shortforms/misspellings. It was taken down with emphasis on accuracy & I didn’t want to edit)

Some highlights :

Jenica Chua: All I did was to join a women’s association. It’s a women’s association to help women. And I felt very intimidated. Why did this happen? I’m a normal Sporean like any other of you. Why shud this happen to me?

Lois Ng: What is happening to our society right now? What is happening? Can someone explain this irrational & dangerous move by some small group of ppl?

No, you didn’t just join a women’s association. You and team moved in and took over.

It’s being seen as dangerous and irrational because of your secrecy & what is now being exposed as lies. If you were joining to help women, why did you have to take power right away? Why not serve first?

And an interesting slip:

A: I got to know who she (Thio Su Mien) is when I attended the… (awkward stop) Okay, just a correction on syariah law. We’re Christians. I’m sorry, I don’t know very much about syariah law. So to correct any misunderstanding, what I’m trying to say is that we’re there for all women,

Q: You say that you want to go towards the changing of syariah law…

A: Not syariah law.

Q: (prompting) We are there…
(no answer. Silence till subject changed)

and the press tried very hard to get them to be open about what prompted the coup:

Q: Ok, that’s fine, thank you. Josie, I want you to clarify 1 thing. Right at the beginning in your opening statement, you mentioned that Aware was a single objective organisation. Were you referring to it being pro-lesbian & gay and that was its only agenda over the past few yrs?

Yes, Josie said that–the single objective claim came not long after she accused them of being too diverse & losing focus…

Josie Lau: Well, I meant that, ok you shouldn’t put specific into a general statement I make. When I said single it means it has become quite a focus for them.

Q: What has become a focus?

Josie Lau: The homosexual agenda has become quite a focused…

Q: So when you said it was a single objective organisation, you implied or you meant that they were focusing only on homosexual issues…

Note: not putting words in her mouth, just trying to clarify what she said.

Josie Lau: No, that’s what I said, you must not make specific of a general statement I make.

Q: I don’t quite understand that. If you can explain. I have a second question if you attempt that first.
I think my colleague she was trying to ask…and all of you, many of you have said that because of the sexuality program and as being mothers you want to come in Aware do something about it.
Why do you not set your own group? Why do you have to come into Aware and fix what you perceive to be a wrong because I’m sure there are many mothers in Singapore, and I’m one of them, who believe that in an inclusive society it’s okay to have sexuality programs that keep, let children have an open mind, particularly because MOE also runs many other sexuality programs as well as children’s society.

Josie: I think there’s definitely diversity of views on homosexuality but there’s one unity of views, that is please be honest, do not fudge the message, do not operate under deception. No smokescreen. If this is the key agenda, come out & say it but don’t fudge it under the constitution which is to push for the cause of all women in Spore, all women. And if you want you can take a look at the constitution. It is for all women. And I think I would like Maureen to talk a little bit more about Cedaw.

Q: Sorry, my other qn about why do you not set up your own…

Josie: I think I’ve already answered that.

Huh, where? I love

please be honest, do not fudge the message, do not operate under deception. No smokescreen. If this is the key agenda, come out & say it

because that’s precisely what Josie and her new Ex-Co have been doing all along and are doing right here! Remember the four fingers pointing back at yourself?

But: What is SO WONDERFUL right now is the amount of support that’s coming in:

(At least that I’ve encountered this morning so far & I haven’t left the house yet–I know, in 5 more minutes I’m going to be late for class…)

People who were formerly ‘on the fence’ & calling it a storm in a tea cup were calling & saying ‘it was all a set up!’ and ‘these people are giving Christians a bad name!’

The point that is motivating people most is why there was need to lie about the set up and conspiracy, and someone said (I don’t have kids/school contacts so I can’t verify this) the next thing you know they will be pushing for schools to teach Creationism in schools.

But the support coming out is fantastic.

One dear old friend, apolitical & family oriented sent me a msg saying she never gets involved but just joined Aware to support me–& to tell the ladies of the ‘old guard’ to read Mark 2:13 and follow the example of Jesus rather than those who behave like Dr Thio Su Mien is doing.

And the female doctors and medical students (they know but you may not, that it’s largely thanks to the old Aware’s efforts that the 25% barrier to women in the medical faculty intake was removed) are rallying in force too! Woo Hoo!

What is surprising though is how many lawyers seem to have come round to support the old guard after the news report. I thought they would be the ones to back the ‘constitution’ but I guess maybe there really is an ethical/moral instinct that is greater than written laws!


15 Responses

  1. […] April 24 – Great News: Thio Su Mien Behind Coup Conspiracy!! […]

  2. […] April 24 – Great News: Thio Su Mien Behind Coup Conspiracy!! […]

  3. Hey Ovidia!

    Sorry about that, it was a rant….

  4. agree, soojean–that’s exactly how I feel too.

    thanks all you others for your comments–have you all seen the petition?

    Sadly, us being upset here won’t change things but I’m hoping if we get enough voices upset in public then things might get changed.

    hi Eugene Tan–sorry but while I agree with what you say I deleted the last part of your post (because you put things too clearly!)

    In response though, I suspect what is really going through their minds is: “This is no fun at all. If other people have fun with this it’s not fair & I’m going to stop them!”

  5. I am fascinated by a few things in this:

    How inarticulate can 4 women possibly be? I mean seriously!

    I am fascinated by Maureen Ong’s inability to let other people speak.

    And Are these women going to seriously go by the American Right Wing Christian playbook of being bullies and then claiming victimization?

    I do not wish death threats on anybody. But honey, welcome to my life as gay person. Welcome to my life as a person who is repeatedly told that I should disappear.

    And I’m sorry, but girls SHOULD be encouraged to experiment. as should boys. Young people need to figure out what their own boundaries are. It’s part of growing up.

    And since these women are so gay sex obsessed, I seriously wonder if they lie [deleted]

  6. I think in indsight… this event has brought out many more supporters for the old AWARE than before, where most of us were not “aware” of AWARE, or we just apathetic minding our own business.

    We should thank Thio SM and her mentees for getting AWARE more members and support than before.

    I look forward to the May 2 EGM where Josie and her gang will get booted out.

  7. Oh my… What amazing heaps of lies that were churned out by the new ExCo of AWARE…! And they dare wear their religion on their sleeved, publicly if i may add; when they themselves obviously orchestrated their election blitzkrieg and justified it with lies! How Christian is that?

    This is very, very alarming. I would not want a right-wing group such as Josie, Thio S M and minions to take over a purely secular NGO, and steer it to suit their hidden religious agenda. No way a group like that is allowed to operate openly in MY secular nation of many different groups and creeds living harmoniously next to one another. This group must be stopped, before they continue to tear the fabric of our secular society. Their tide of threats must be stopped.

  8. http://www.allens.com.au/offices/singapore.htm

    tsmp does work for startv, it is shown on starhub chn 18 in singapore. Startv has programmes like ELLEN Degeneres Show n ellen is a famous married woman married to another woman. StarTV shows Brothers n Sisters where a major actor is involved with another man.

    why is DR Thio’s firm doing business with STAR TV if she is so anti gay n is new AWARE is upset with the old guards for showing Spider Lilies than? dont STAR TV do more ‘damage’ as its shown across the world to millions n millions? and dont forget STAR TV is owned by NEWS CORP, one of the world’s biggest media company.

  9. I’m disgusted … very very disgusted … yes, those lies, that’s what we can’t stand … how those people try to make fools out of us … and make even greater fools out of themselves … i wasn’t even too interested in the whole AWARE thing, thinking it’s just some “sore losers” making a storm out of a teacup until those lies and contradictions start popping out one by one … and really made passive observers like us start to sit up and say “hey, didn’t expect things to be so sinister!” May i request medical compensation from our “MENTOR FEMINIST” if i get a heart attack/stroke from the shocks that she and gang keep springing on poor me with a weak heart and fragile nerves?

  10. Dear Ovidia,
    I support you, and your account is enlightening.
    The Straits Times have already been VERY FAIR, and VERY NICE to Dr Alan Chin and Josie.
    When they called me, they printed only my good comments about Dr Chin as a doctor, and fair enough, did not print my opinion on what they did at AWARE.
    They left that out.
    Whatever, I strongly feel that these lies, subterfuge, agressiveness, seeking of limelight, fame (now infamy), are very uncharitable and certainly not born out of love and concern for the various communities, whether minority or not, gay or straight.
    Thanks for being active!

  11. omg those men should be arrested just for their offensive posture (& girth) alone.

  12. I don’t know even know why people like Josie Lau become the vice president at DBS. I wonder how much faith I should have in DBS.

  13. Thanks for your intelligent and well-informed updates and critiques, and for helping keep this issue at the forefront. I’ve joined up and will be going to the EGM to do my part, and have spent all day recruiting. Go Ovidia! And thank you.

  14. Great views on your blog…!!

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