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What can I say?

Thio Su Mien is publicly out as part of the new Aware ExCo takeover team now.

I deleted the post I was preparing on how Aware could/might/should try to work it out together for the best of all women in Singapore–it’s not going to happen.

Oh–and I hear they’ve fired the center manager tonight (paid staff who was not involved in the elections)

And changed the locks–apparently you’ll need special hi tech pass cards to get in–very different from being a welcoming place for all women to come to help & be helped right?

The press are there, so watch out for statement in papers tomorrow!


12 Responses

  1. […] April 23 – What can I say? […]

  2. […] April 23 – What can I say? […]

  3. [ they’re fired the centre manager ] To prevent her from processing applications who want to vote the Old Guard back in?

    The PAP better watch out. These people are sneaky!

  4. This is much, much more riveting than Little Nonya. BTW, MDA part-funded the production of the series with the TV licence fees we pay.

  5. An interesting AWARE drama that is fit for the screen time in this depressed situation…

  6. Well, people tend to be sympathetic & supportive when death threats or any other sort of threats are involved–

    –Which is probably why they keep talking about the threat to them & their families posed by the Aware as it was formerly run.

    Make people see something as a threat, generate fear, then offer to save them–look how well it’s worked so far!

  7. http://comment.straitstimes.com/showthread.php?t=19252

    I recall Thio Li-Ann also made a police report on death threats on her when she was slamming homosexuals left right center in parliament.

  8. What I’d really like to know is whether the death threats are real. Or were they faked?

  9. “At a two-hour press conference last night at the Raffles Town Club — where passions boiled over and revelations came one after the other — Ms Lau described her one-week presidency as nothing short of emotional.

    “So far I have kept a stoic and dignified silence … (but) to date I have only been met with hostility and intimation. My family received death threats and it is now a police case. Each day, I fear for the safety for my children and my family,” she said with passion.”

    Why the forked tongue Ms Josie. In an interview with Today on April 18, your fellow exco member, Ms Charlotte Lim, was quoted as saying: “She [i.e. Josie] was also touched by the “outpouring of support and the well-wishes from colleagues and members of the public”, said Ms Lim.“People were giving her the thumbs-up all the time. So that encouraged her a lot.”

    SO WAS IT HOSTILITY AND INTIMIDATION OR SUPPORT, WELL WISHES AND THUMBS UP? Make up your mind leh. I would expect the President of AWARE to be at least consistent in the stories she tells.

  10. apparently some one leaked thio su mien and church emails on taking over aware …., go figure 😦


  11. the BorgQueen?

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