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Sorry, Time Out, Got to Rant

I AM a heterosexual man, married to a heterosexual woman and we have four heterosexual children.

(search the phrase if you want the source. I’m not linking to his bombastic flatulence)

Then why is this any of your business, George Lim Heng Chye?

He was the one who wrote to the papers complaining about Aware screening ‘Spider Lilies’.
Apparently in his eyes this private screening of an award winning film was a serious threat to heterosexual him, his heterosexual wife and all four of his heterosexual children…

Why didn’t they just not go see it?

(Oh, they didn’t? So wtf?)

Why is he so insecure about his manhood and his parental influence that he feels so threatened by a lesbian movie?

Which incidentally was screened at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Teddy Award for best feature film.

Does that mean it’s time to takeover the Berlin International Film Festival next?

This came up because of an email that’s been circulating. I just read it–hence this rant. The language & approach in the email reminded me so much of George Lim’s letters to the press.

Makes me wonder whether this anonymous email was influenced by him/ghostwritten by him.

No, this is not the one urging people to come vote at Aware AGM if they want to protect their daughters from lesbians (ok I’m paraphrasing). That was the first one.

This one uses Aware’s school talks & claimed (in point 4) they screened ‘Spider Lilies’

to raise awareness of its Comprehensive Sexual Education.

Huh? Does anyone understand this?

Anyway the call was for all who support pro-Family values to go support the new ex-co at the EGM.

Don’t ask who they are or what they want to do or why they chose to pick on Aware… implication, zombie-call.

Sadly, there are quite a few zombies out there…

Surely we should stop ignoring this & call a lawyer? You can only be nice so far ladies, it’s Defamation Suit time…

I know, I know–it’s not my call. But it’s my blog. I get to throw hissy spits here if I want!

Someone just sent me a link to a site that calmed me down some. Yes, some people are still trying to be fair, trying to think clearly.
I wish I’d written that. Since I didn’t I’m really glad someone did!
Thanks, Pat!

9 Responses

  1. yes leon, i have the same question in mind. What makes that super-arrogant heterosexual george lim so COCKsure that all his four heterosexual children are going to produce only heterosexual offsprings who in turn produce only heterosexual offsprings … forever and ever? Is george lim around to answer our queries?

  2. Frau, I deleted your last two comments because of all the bad energy you were putting out.

    While I agree that we all need to be calm & rational, attacking my other readers doesn’t do anyone any good.

    Please do go rant in your own space–I’m trying to give it up.

  3. Wonder how George Lim can be so sure his kids are straight?

    If one day one of his kids comes out to him, I wonder what will happen?

  4. Frau,

    So famous playwrights have no right to an opinion? Guess what, I am a soon to be published author and I have an opinion too.

    Off-hand, here is a list of novelists/playwrights who had an opinion, and were unafraid to push it:

    Mark Twain
    George Orwell
    Aldous Huxley
    Charles Darwin
    Arthur Miller

    God forbid them for making a mockery of your treasured worldview! God forbid them from changing the world with what they write.

  5. Thanks very much for the linklove. Glad to have had that calming effect on your frazzled nerves. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for May 2nd.

  6. You are so sweet dear Frau–No one else here calls me famous playwright!

    And I didn’t even realise there were sides to be taken–but we’re obviously not on the same one!

    • You are mistaken. Sadly, we are on the same side. I am rooting for the old guard and definitely repulsed by the homophobic and despicable ways of the new Exco.

      But like I said frankly (perhaps too frankly), you are not helping with your hysteria.

      • wow such gracious displays of civility on the author’s personal blog, frau. now kindly remove the tampon before you go into toxic shock.

  7. Does this blog scene need yet another lesbian harridan? For all your hysterical exhortations, you are doing the old guard no big favor.

    What a liability to have you on their side.

    Shut up, get a grip and sound coherent like Thang Dynasty and you might see a glimmer of hope.

    Geez, famous playwright. *snort*

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