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Josie Asks

In the face of intense media and cyber scrutiny, I must ask this question: Why have some people cast aspersions on our good intentions? Why are they so angry with us? We’ve only just begun.

1) Because of the way you and your ex-co got yourselves elected.
2) Because of the way you & your ex-co formed a cliche that excluded veterans–both in person & in advice
3) Because of how you high highhandedly removed key chair persons with more project experience individually than you have collectively.
4) Because of your character as revealed by modus operandi–if you can be dishonest with your employer DBS (re: FOTF, not revealing your connections with Aware till 2 weeks after elections instead of before… & if not prompted by press coverage would you have told them at all? For going against an explicit company instruction) why should we think you will be any more honest with AWARE?
5) Because of your husband’s publicly aired views on women (look, this brought Hillary Clinton down. & Dr Alan Chin was both more visible & more off putting than Bill!)
6) Besides–what good intentions? You and your committee haven’t been any more explicit than an A Level student writing a GP paper on ‘Women’s Rights’ or Miss World contestants with their “Global charity work is the mission of every Miss World” spiel.

You’ve only just begun and so much has already gone ‘wrong’.

Anyway, ‘angry’ with you is not quite accurate. Please don’t throw in the term ‘angry’ and try to act like a victim from up there on your high horse.

I would say ‘baffled’ ‘confused’ ‘stunned’ ‘shocked’ ‘stymied’ by would better describe how I feel and I don’t think I’m alone.

And I would add ‘suspicious of’ too.

Hostile? No–

Hostile is how I would describe your takeover move.

How would you describe it?

I can’t get much feedback–your new supporters don’t talk; they just raise their hands when instructed. And veteran members seem to be getting driven out, whether in tears by email.


5 Responses

  1. Called AWARE a week back to RSVP and was told that numbers have indicated attendance were nearing 300.

    Since then we have mobilised our group of friends, both gay and straight, christian and non-christian to come for the EGM and vote. I hope this helps in the cause.

    But after observing the events in recent days involving the leadership at COOS telling their followers to go vote is making me a little edgy. Honestly this battle is one we cannot afford to lose.

    Yes, will come up and say hi on the day but I do not know if the crowd will be overwhelming. Anyway, I think we have met before and do hope to get in touch again.

    Keep well.

    (and oh…. don’t let the fat men and their missuses bother you too much. Don’t think they dare do anything given the current spotlight they are under 😉

  2. Good for you! Come say ‘hi’ okay? 🙂

  3. Yes I have signed up and I WILL BE THERE!! ;D

  4. yes, trying to… are you coming & have you let someone know yet?

    If not, please send me a message & I’ll get in touch with you via email?

    Thank you!

  5. Like the wonton mee that is not up to standard, I would like to return Josie to the shop that she came from.

    Is someone keeping a tally of people who have signed up as members of AWARE and willing to vote these people out in the EOGM? We have to be sure that we have the numbers to outgun them!!

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