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Josie And The Pushy Cats on TV…

… she says she wants ‘reconciliation’ (definition “the reestablishing of cordial relations) without offering any opportunity to be cordial.

Unless firing long serving chairpersons via email/ignoring comments from veterans in meetings/not even sending out a ‘Hello I’m your new President’ or ‘Hi we’re your new ex-co’ message to members counts as being cordial in her eyes.

Entirely possible, of course.

Anyone notice they’ve been talking more to the press than to their members?

Aware is a secular organisation that embraces diversity of race, age, religion, culture and sexuality. For 24 years it has worked towards removing discrimination and empowering women to achieve their highest potential.

(To see some of Aware’s past achievements look here,)

Please don’t stand by and watch passively while these people who executed a calculated takeover use the platform & connections established by Aware to do the same to more of Singapore.

I’m not asking anyone to take my word for this, but please come and check out the new Exco for yourselves.

And if you agree, come and sign up and help us to pass a vote of no confidence in the new Exco.

Date: Sat 2 May.
Time: 2 to 5 pm
Venue: First Choice Auditorium, 3 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #01-01 HSR Building, S 319378

If your membership has lapsed over the years or if you would like to sign up now please go to:

http://www.aware.org.sg/?page id=1078

Membership costs $40 (or $5 if you are a full time student)

You can pay via credit card or PayPal.

You have voting rights if you are:
Singaporean or PR
Aged 18 and above

Please print the e-receipts and bring them to the EGM as proof of your membership.

And please LET ME KNOW if you have signed up as a member & can attend the EGM (Not just to keep track. I would like to meet you there & say thanks–whether we succeed or not! 🙂 )

Please get in touch with your friends and family members too (& do let me know)

Please please take one afternoon off to help us and Don’t let this sneaky takeover succeed and mark the start of the takeover of Singapore!


That will just make it more difficult for us to get the vote % needed.

(signing up after the EGM or even next year will be fine! :))

32 Responses

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  4. I’ve signed up today, armed with my membership receipt, my Godma Vera and her “brollie” in hand, we’re ready to vote!

    It should never have been about religion or sexual orientation. It’ should have always been about respecting an individual’s choice and helping the young when they are between choices.

    New brooms don’t always sweep clean especially when one does not know what dirt is and what’s not. Lesbianism is not for all of us, we should agree to disagree but still respect the choices made. AWARE highlighted to us women that we have a right to our choices and it should be respected not discriminated. No single religion is superior to the others – if it teaches you good and how to respect your neighbours, that’s the one I’m for. To the new team, your religious beliefs are not greater than mine, but mine teaches us compassion for others. To the new President and its Exco members, you’re a disgrace to your employers and church group- is this the way you were taught to get what you want? Such a pity…the more reasons we should not allow AWARE to fall into the wrong hands. To the Old Guards, I salute your efforts but I hope from this experience, we all must learn complacency must not be allowed to set-in again. If not Josie and her team’s ambush, there will always be others with their hidden agendas ready to mount and pounce their attack. We need to BE AWARE.

  5. oops, sorry about that – just sent an empty comment/message!
    sent u a query yesterday re the EGM but it appears to be lost in transit.
    my sis and i signed up as members april 24 and will b there at the EGM, but we are concerned as we did not rsvp by april 22 – can we vote?

  6. I made the move to sign up today, and I will be there to make my tiny voice heard along with those capable of rational thought.

    The new people are making me feel AWARE isn’t an avenue where I will be able to seek the help that i need without being judged.


  7. Having a conservative feminist movement will set women’s lib 50 years back in time. Whatever happened to progression? Is a seige really necessary even if the new ex co’s intentions were ‘noble’? What they said in the papers today is nothing more than excuses for their unbecoming behaviour, for which they had about a week to think up. We expect more from our leaders. BTW, where’s the transparency ? – acting before addressing the issues is not transparency. It’s also about time DBS took a stand after firing the initial salvo. It’s time we hear how they intend to deal with this matter. I find all this very hard to swallow. My heart bleeds for the old guards and how they are being treated. It’s like a PR game now. Who gets more coverage. And they are starting to play the sympathy cards and trying to rah rah parents in Singapore. Predictable and pathetic. I’m a parent and I’m not sold on their cause.

    Aware’s old guard are not the ones focusing on the sexuality issue. It’s the new guards who seem unable to stay away from this topic. Is it the only card they are playing? No. I think they are using it to distract us from their real agenda.

    If they are really so against having men involved in Aware, why were their husbands or male friends loitering around the office yesterday? Why were they wearing recording devices around their necks? Were they trying to intimidate the staff and customers there? Is this another way the new ex co is trying to gain the upper hand? Isn’t this akin to hooliganism?

    What a coincidence that some of those mentored by Dr Thio decided to join the org at around the same time and decide to take office at the same election. All seems too well planned to be a coincidence.

  8. Thanks for your support & prayers too, Belinda–sorry missed your message earlier (what are you doing up at 2 am?) And hope to see you at the egm!

  9. […] https://ovidiayu.wordpress.com/2009/04/19/josie-and-the-pushy-cats-on-tv/ Do let Ovidia know if you’ve joined, she’ll like to meet you to thank you at the […]

  10. I’ve been apathetic most of my life but I’m glad I received this wake up call. I’ve signed up and I’m going to be at the EGM. I would like to see a secular AWARE and a more balanced committee….rather than skewed – in anyway.

    I am praying to God that these women be ousted so that we may have a more diverse bunch of women in the committee.


  11. As I’m not allowed to vote, I won’t be there to crowd out a voter.

    For those of you who can, please arrive early. They selected a small auditorium of 500 and may refuse entry after flooding the place with their supporters.

    Josie has DISOBEYED her employer, DBS Bank, twice because of her religious belief and agenda; used her influence as VP of cards to tie up with the Focus for Family.

    Her words or rhetoric may attempt to cover up her beliefs which drive her, but her ACTIONS shout so loudly on what will happen.

    This brings up a valid question: what other religious bias will be introduced?

    Do not be misled by their introduction of “pro-family” values to AWARE. They are women against women! If women do not conform to their ideal of womanly behaviour, such as homosexual females, mothers who have children out of wedlock etc, well, again from their actions and words – from Focus on the Family endorsement to letters to the press – clearly demonstrate a slant towards a self-righteous interpretation of Christianity.

    Please, do not let these SELF-SERVING people with their own agendas to succeed. I repeat, they are women against women.

  12. Thank you for your support, Transparency (yes, know what you mean about the TV interview!) & Leona–Leona I finally found your webpage!!!

  13. Hi csm, see you at the egm & thanks for signing up. Please come say hello okay? Yes, I totally agree that transparency from the new ex-committee is something we all want!
    As for what’s planned in the constitution ‘rewrite’ (that was supposed to go through last year) I don’t know whether we’ll even get round to that at the egm!
    If you have any thoughts/suggestions Please share them!

    And thanks for your points, Hot&Cold–that’s exactly what should have been done (experience serving before leaping into leadership) now would be a great time to work that into the constitution… again, was planned for last year but didn’t happen. Thank you, also, for your support.

  14. Hi Ovidia

    I have just become a member and will be attending the EOGM…
    After seizing power in a clearly sneaky way, they have mostly avoided answering simple relevant questions. While religion and sexual orientation are not the main issues, it is their opus operandi that is unacceptable and their ‘real’ motivation questionable. We need candid answers…..so far they are just beating around the bush and worse talking rubbish. I am from being curious to suspicious and now very concerned.
    Keep up the good work. And thanks for calling out.

    • Good point Linda Lee–& thanks for committing your time & $ to membership & egm. Totally agree it’s the modus o that’s disturbing… don’t want people who work like that representing me!

  15. I have decided to close all my DBS accounts. Sorry DBS, you keep us – your customers or Josie.

    • Thank you for your support, Old Lion. Hope the account-closing doesn’t cause you too much inconvenience! Actually DBS already sounds uncertain about the kind of image Josie Lau is projecting for them… what you did will certainly make them think deeper!

  16. Hi Ovidia,

    I’m male and since only females 18 above can vote at the EOGM, I think its pointless for the boys to join.

    What I did however, was to cancel all my DBS cards.

    As a consumer, I have the rights to decide,
    with which company I want to spend my money with.

    After I terminated the cards, their service recovery staff called back the next day and tried to convince me otherwise. They already prep as to what to say when
    I mentioned my reason of termination.

    Their stand was:
    that the matter is still being handled internally and an appropriate response will be made known to the public when their investigations are complete.

    The bank (DBS) is actively monitoring the fall-out from this PR crisis. If enough customers were to act & terminate their cards, the bank will definitely ask Lau to quit her post at Aware.

    All the best for the EOGM 🙂

    • Dear DT, thank you for your support & good wishes & very dramatic action! That was a very definite & decisive commitment to your stand & I’m very impressed. I hope the switch doesn’t inconvenience you too much–and you are right, customer response will make a big difference to DBS!

  17. By the way … for this EGM to serve any meaningful purpose, what is provided for in the Constitution in terms of changes to be made if approved by EGM?

  18. Ovidia,

    I have never been involved in any aspect of AWARE’s work, but i was sufficiently troubled by what i read about this despicable hijacking of an honourable institution (and presumably planned subversion of its work and values) to sign up as a member last Friday – without having received any e-mail or push from anyone.

    I have registered for the EGM and will be there to make my vote for transparency. For whatever the new Exco interprets it to be worth!

  19. Kudos to Talking Point for trying to force some answers out of Josie and Maureen. Not only did the pair avoid answering directly, the skirted around some of the more important issues raised. It does show that they werenot prepared for the interview and that they are in fact not familiar at all with AWARE’s constitution.

    However, I felt that the show left out the more pertinent questions – 1) why did they think they need to takeover instead of blending in at subcom or project levels? 2) In their opinion, why did people at AGM perferred to elect them when they are unknowns with no AWARE track record?

    After this whole saga, which I hope will go the way of the old guards, AWARE should change the way their elections (even nominations) are conducted. Fresh members should not be allowed to take office. They need to spend time at projects (and then subcom) level, contribute positively before they can be considered ‘qualified’ for executive committee positions. Presidents should have spent one year/term as President Elect. This allows for president elect to learn the ropes and for the public as well as members to be familiar with the person taking the lead position in the next term. Whatever the case, nobody should be allowed to come from nowhere, serve a low blow and then feel proud to be running the show.

  20. I’ve signed up as an Aware member. I’m supporting your cause.


  21. Attaboy! Ovidia!
    Saw Josie on TV. All that crap about observing AWARE constitution, can’t even observe common sense.
    All that crap about only can communicate through the President. At Talking Point on TV last night, the Hon Treasurer spoke more than the President while Josie just sat there aloof and sneering that in 2008, membership dropped to 200+.

    The issue is: sneaky way in which the new guard legally grabbed power.

    Sure they will never admit to conspiracy but in their subsequent actions, they were effective in forcing out the original president & alienated Ms Singham & the rest.

    Let justice prevail on 2 may 2009 !

    Keep up your good work !

  22. Hi Noob,

    Yes, Singapore has very powerful churches, in fact many of our current supporters are from very powerful churches or very powerful companies who feel Josie’s methods make Christians & bankers look bad.

    So no, no one is turning this into a ‘Christianity vs homosexuality’ war except for agitators like George Lim (see his letter to the Straits Times forum supporting the new ex-co–Incidentally George Lim is from the same fundamentalist church as Josie and several of the new ex-co.)

    As to why I didn’t show up to vote? Yes, I was complacent–because I trusted the system and the old ex-co. It was run like an old style kampung community where doors are not locked (or even closed) and strangers are welcomed as guests and offered drinks.

    And yes, the ‘old guard’ was ‘complacent’ because honest people assume the world is honest & straightforward people assume the world is straightforward; well-intentioned people assume all newcomers are well-intentioned.

    This has been a wake-up call to make sure the core of Aware can stay that way so there can be no ‘losing end’.

  23. Why do you girls show up in the AGM and vote in the first place? Complacent or simply could not bother?

    Singapore has powerful churches and they are more united that the pile of sand you ladies are. I sorry to say this but Solo Bear may be right. If you turn this into a “Christianity-versus-pro-homosexual” war; you will find yourself at the losing end

  24. “ovidia, SinQSA (singapore queer straight alliance) will be having a meet-up at food#03 this saturday at 3pm.”


    Havent you heard of the POA just passed in Pahliment? Want to get arrested ar?

    Better all stay at home!

  25. now that is a witty title.

    ovidia, SinQSA (singapore queer straight alliance) will be having a meet-up at food#03 this saturday at 3pm.

    we will discuss openly the implications of the recent events on women in general, and gender equality. this is because whatever happened (or will happen) has an impact on gender identity and sexual orientation, traits of which are part of the larger rubric of gender equality.

    at the same time, we have invited a couple members to shed some light on how Aware works.

    do come if you’re free. it’s an informal session by the way.

  26. To be honest SoB, AWARE has helped 1000’s of women over the past 24 years. Why would you not want them to exert their democratic right and vote for something they may believe in. Why would you not a women begin to learn to speak up? Haven’t we been silent for too many years?

  27. I don’t think so, SoB, because we’re making an open & above board public call to the women in Singapore who have been able to take AWARE for granted since 1984.

    What Josie & Co did was scheme a selective, subversive underground takeover campaign, (incidentally ending up with the only completely Chinese ExCo in Aware’s history.)

    This is not about anybody doing in opponents… even Josie Lau didn’t say anything of the sort.

    We all need to find a way to preserve the Aware character that has stood up for us quietly but steadily through all these years.

    So thank you for spreading the publicity.

    Regardless of your comments, I trust the right people will rise to the challenge.

  28. Hi,

    Just some food for thought.

    Are you not helping your opponent to do you in?

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