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Asked (last night) & Answered (this morning)

Thanks Glass Castle!

Yes, like I said (prev post) we should give the new mongols a chance to show what they stand for, but so far they aren’t smelling very good…

Actually it doesn’t look like DBS minds their top execs, women or not, taking on volunteering responsibilities at all–but in their position as role models they would be expected to respected the formalities–ie informing them of your intent prior to the election rather than two weeks after.

Plus if Josie Lau was responsible for the FOTF PR debacle last year it would be easy to see why DBS might think she 1) is unable to cope with her responsibilities or 2) doesn’t have DBS interests at heart.

According to the Business Times:

Last November, Ms Lau led the marketing team in a DBS credit card campaign which supported the evangelical Christian organisation Focus On The Family (FOTF).

That credit card promotion where DBS said that it would donate money to FOTF, ‘a charity dedicated to helping children and families thrive’, led to calls to boycott the bank from members of the gay and lesbian community.

FOTF in Singapore is an affiliate of a US-based organisation of the same name founded in 1977 by evangelical Christian James Dobson who campaigns against gay rights.

So Josie Lau, AWARE’s new President, supported an initiative which gave money to Focus on the Family (FOTF).

You may remember the FOTF saga – we covered it here, here and here. In summary, FOTF Singapore is part of an international evangelical network, headquartered in the United States. Its activities in Singapore have included promoting rigid, traditional gender roles which hurt girls and women, and distributing homophobic pamphlets. Internationally, Focus on the Family has pushed for damaging public health policies, including the disastrous American ‘Global Gag Rule’ which hurt millions of women and men worldwide.

Either Ms Lau knowingly assisted an organisation steeped in these values, or she was totally clueless about what she was doing. Either option inspires grave doubts about the direction in which she and her team might take AWARE.

Does Ms Lau agree, as FOTF does, that it is acceptable to treat a woman who doesn’t dress “modestly” as “a piece of meat”? Does she support pushing young girls into conforming to gender stereotypes, as does the FOTF Singapore programme Ladies be Ladies, in quite literally mediaeval terms? Is that the vision of “gender equality” the new AWARE leadership has in store?

If these folks have credentials as pro-woman activists, they are certainly hiding them well.

4 Responses

  1. oops–me even more sorry!

    You did it too well!!

    You sounded exactly like Jenica Chua sycophanting Thio Li-Ann I thought you were her using the same template!!!

  2. sorry it was intended to be ironic.

  3. Dear Anonymous ‘An Admirer’ of Ms Josie Lau,

    You sent your message to the wrong address.
    Josie Lau hasn’t taken over this site (yet)

  4. Dear Ms Josie Lau
    [deleted message body]
    An Admirer

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