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AWARE EOGM–please come!

And a more practical approach from Mathialee

” If you’ve read the Straits Times, TODAY, or have been in contact with an AWARE member recently, you’ll be aware of what has happened to our organisation.

150 members have recently submitted a petition to the new ExCo for an Extraordinary General Meeting to ask the new team about their motives and plans for the organisation. So far they have already removed chairpeople from key AWARE committees. We are concerned what they’ll do about key aware programmes that don’t align with their undisclosed agenda.

The EGM has been scheduled by the new ExCo for Saturday, May 2. (Happens to be on a holiday weekend, so we’re worried people won’t be able to attend…) Please attend and support the old guard of AWARE. We may have a vote of no confidence so we need you there. Rally as many of your friends to join AWARE and come to the meeting. This is extremely important if you care about the future of women’s issues in this country.

We have experienced a hostile takeover and need to get the organisation back in safe hands that actually care about the org’s vision and mission.”

Facebook group :

“If you are female, or care about the people around you who are female, i.e: your mothers, wives, sisters or daughters, please join us and help spread the word.

Currently, a group of unknowns have taken over AWARE, the leading advocacy group for gender equality in Singapore. We have reason to believe that they do not act in the best interest of all women. They definitely have an agenda, or they would not have executed such a despicable and underhanded act of staging a coup.

If they want to push their agenda, let them form their own organisation.

If they truly care so much about women’s rights, they should work WITH AWARE, not against them.

If there is nothing sinister about their actions, they should stop their silence and explain to us why they did what they did and what are their plans for the future.

If they do not have anything to hide, they could have simply said “We will continue to do the good work that AWARE has been doing and improve on it.”

Instead, they have simply said “No comment”

As long as they continue to keep silent, we will continue to believe that their agenda differs from the current AWARE mission and we need to work together to get these group of people out of AWARE’s ex-co.

In order to help ensure that AWARE maintains in safe hands, a group of people are gathering women to sign up as members of AWARE. If you are a woman in Singapore and are keen to help maintain the mission statement of AWARE, please turn up during the coming EOGM to cast your vote.

Membership is at $40 per year and if you are a student below 25, you can purchase it at just $5.

Sign up at http://www.aware.org.sg

I wouldn’t ask anyone to come to cast out the new committee–but please come to help us try to get them to say:

Why they acted the way they did (secrecy & subterfuge)
What they mean by commitment to existing projects (from which long serving people are already being removed) &
What they hope to achieve…

And of course anything else you’re uncomfortable about.

All you lapsed members & all of you who’ve been helping out without actually signing up–come back!

Unless of course you’re from COOS (Dr Alan Chin’s church I believe. At least that’s where he posts his writings when he’s not ranting on the Forum page) where murder, adultery, abuse & pride are all considered not quite so serious or just not quite so relevant as homosexuality…

By the way their statement on ‘homosexuality’ takes pride of place on their web page, with higher priority than ‘Ministries’ ‘Testimonies’ or even ‘Sermons Online’.

Such obsession makes you think COOS is a gay church but no–they are just obsessed with other people being gay.

What do you say to people like that? Let the Bible speak for you:
Matthew 7:1
Matthew 7:5

and of course Matthew 23:
Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You are like whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even as you outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

If you are from COOS keep in mind that one of the most standard (& successful) ways of drumming up mindless support is:

1) Select or Invent & build on an irrational fear (that is not an immediate practical threat–eg Hitler & Jews)

2) Show how vigorously you are taking decisive action against this degenerating & society-threatening foe (eg the old Chinese regime & Christians)

( To take their attention away from genuine problems you are not acting on/ not dramatic enough for you to sing & dance about–eg Singapore fundamentalist Christians & unemployment/rights of illegal foreign workers/adultery/obesity/over-prescription of antibiotics)

3) This way you stimulate the adrenalin rush, the addictive feel-good endorphins…
and they adore you much in the same way as some adore WOW or Grand Theft Auto.

Amen & Namaste to you all.

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