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Akikonomu’s Aware Leper Action Call!

Another someone who sums up the Aware attack better than I can. Go read Akikonomu or just start with this excerpt here!

‘No serious operator in Singapore civil society will see AWARE under its new, mysterious, unknown, sneakily-elected through a hostile takeover leadership, as part of civil society.”

That’s what is so tragic, given AWARE is the one all inclusive women’s ngo in Singapore!

The new AWARE exco did not behave as if AWARE was a civil society group. They behaved as if it were some condo committee. The new AWARE exco were the opposite of open, refusing to explain themselves in the AGM, or to offer what they saw was wrong with the old gang, or right with themselves. The new AWARE exco gave perfunctory speeches about their belief in the tenets of feminism, so perfunctory no one believed it was their real agenda. The new AWARE exco shot first, then promised to talk later. We’re still waiting for them to give a clear account of who they are, what they believe in, and what they intend to do with AWARE.

3. Operation Leper

What we have here is a group whose behaviour and modus operandi runs counter to the principles of civil society. No serious operator in Singapore civil society will see AWARE under its new, mysterious, unknown, sneakily-elected through a hostile takeover leadership, as part of civil society.

We do not know – though some are making the effort to guess – whose agenda the new AWARE exco is serving. We do not need to know, and we do not need to care.

Through their actions, they have dealt a wounding blow to civil society. Through their actions, they have declared war on the idea of civil society, prefering to teach us the lesson if you don’t agree with your foes, just take them over instead of bothering to discuss anything. Through their actions, they have decided that the old guard at AWARE did not deserve their respect, much less any true democratic process.

Civil society needs to send a clear and loud signal to these clowns that their behaviour is wrong and unacceptable.

I hereby announce OPERATION LEPER. Henceforth, the new exco members are pariah, unclean and to be shunned, for their outrageous and heinous actions on civil society. We will constantly remind everyone about these people, monitor who they are working for, which organisations they join, and who hires them.

On the Operation Leper list are:
Josie Lau Meng-Lee (Vice-president of consumer banking group cards and unsecured loans, DBS)
Charlotte Wong Hock Soon
Jenica Chua Chor Ping
Sally Ang Koon Hian (Partner, Sally Ang Ebenezer & Co)
Maureen Ong Lee Keang (Former SembCorp Logistics CFO)
Catherine Tan Ling Khim
Irene Yee Khor Quin (Financial and mortgage consultant)
Lois Ng
Peggy Leong Pek Kay (Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Humanities) WTF, a lecturer in the humanities doing this kind of uncivil, illiberal shit?
Dr Alan Chin Yew Liang (General Practioner, Lifeline Medical Clinic)

It is our intention to make these toxic operators political and social lepers


4 Responses

  1. Of course we know who they work for and where they work. ST has made sure of that in their reports.

    We can easily target Lois Ng, who heads a charity business called Studio You, whose products are sold commercially at several places.

    Meaning that a point can be made to the businesses carrying her products, about why people are deciding to boycott them and their items.


    We can begin with her.

  2. But how?

    We don’t know where they work/who they work for/where they study…

    And actually I’m happy to leave them in peace if only they would leave Aware & us in peace!

    But I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  3. Hi, I’ve been finetuning the idea of Operation Leper to include

    The goal: It is our intention to drive them out of politics and civil society.

    The actions: If they are hired or appointed by advocacy, voluntary, or political groups, we will oppose their employers.

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