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Reply To AWARE AGM Comment

Sorry I haven’t been responding to comments & emails.
Things are really really hectic right now (marking, marking. marking, wrestling with Excel spreadsheets, marking…)

But I did want to say thanks to Mathialee for posting this comment:

I will assure everyone, that as long as I am involved, I will always make sure that only secular, responsible and non-discriminatory messages are being put across.

I sincerely hope that supporters of secular, responsible and non-discriminatory education of any subject, will continue to support AWARE, and to let others know that we are still committed to this vision. There are many people who might not be in the exco, but we are the ones making sure this programme works and that it is being carried out. We do face prejudice from the conservative factions of society, and we hope that the enlightened people will continue to support us, instead of simply writing us off, because they have been scared off by an ST report about an unusal AGM outcome.

I would like to point out that the ST report probably calmed things down–right after the AGM, long before the ST article came out, the phone calls/texts/speculations were far more alarming!

By putting down the events of the AGM & attempting (though snubbed) to get the other side of the story the ST reporter debunked the wilder rumours.

If we lose your support, then perhaps, what the ST report would have achieved, is the damaging of the credibility and effectiveness of AWARE, more than anything itself. In Singapore, platforms for non-governmental alternative voices are few and far between, and we need united support from all who share the same philosophy, in order to speak with a louder voice.

I believe in your good intentions & totally agree that platforms for alternative voices are few & far between–that’s why AWARE is so important.

However right now I am afraid to be part of the support backing the ‘louder voice’ you mention because I don’t know what it’s going to be saying.

You say you will

always make sure that only secular, responsible and non-discriminatory messages are being put across.

While I believe in your good intentions I’m not so convinced you will be able or allowed to do so.

And how can you say the new committee is still committed to secular, responsible & non-discriminatory messages?

The new committee has said nothing of the sort, not even making a token comment on continuity & values–which is seriously disturbing given how repeatedly & aggressively some of your new ex-co members have presented their discriminatory, non-secular viewpoints to the public in the past–

I have not been a good member of AWARE, I’ll admit that. I didn’t attend the AGM. But I volunteer, support projects & turn up for the occasional function secure in the knowledge that the ‘old guard’ are running things up there.

Now suddenly there are new people running the group, voted in by a cohort who seem to have signed up expressly (in every sense of the word) for this purpose.

I’m afraid the credibility & effectiveness of AWARE has already been damaged–the fault doesn’t lie with a newspaper report but in a constitution and our complacency that allowed this to happen.

2 Responses

  1. yes, the poor constitution was the root cause, but considering the low membership in the first place, it is not altogether impossible to fight back…..just that that will make things even more ugly.

  2. if this is a sign of things to come, what if even more voices are taken over in ways and methods that are… a little dubious… even if it is well intended…

    the ones that will suffer will be the ones who sit by and watch…

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