Another Death

My cat Cesare died this morning, aged at least 23 years–she was an adult when she first decided she was coming to live with us.

From Chestnut Drive to Frankel to Pasir Panjang Road & finally to West Coast Road she morphed from feral cat, mighty hunter of birds, bats, rats and attacker of dogs to semi-community cat (visiting neighbours, getting patted by children, security guards, neighbours) to house cat (safer for an aging cat to stay indoors given cat culling policies) to empress of a floor designed apartment (sofa & chairs removed after her attempts to climb up onto them failed) and finally being restricted to a triangle between bed, food station & litter bin… if she got off track she would stop & cry.

Caesar Sleeping

Caesar Sleeping

She cried often & insistently after she went blind, the same cry she used when she wanted a door opened for her or fresh water in her bowl. I think she was trying to say she wanted to get out of this dark room where she couldn’t see & back into the light.

That’s three ‘big’ deaths for me this year & it’s only March!

...always hungry...

...always hungry...


4 Responses

  1. there’s an old superstition out there, one that i kinda believe in… that death come in threes. For example.. when one person in the neighorhood passes away… another two will follow. I’ve seen this happen twice already. Unlucky coincidence and mystery.

  2. thank you, Kirsten. Sorry I haven’t been visiting in a while–but I’ll be back!

  3. So sorry to hear about all your losses, Ovidia. Will keep you in my thoughts.

  4. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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