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Good Bye Charlie

Charlie aka Charles aka Chuckaluk aka Buah Keluak, our 19 year old gentleman cat is gone. He was not eating, diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, could have been kept going on the drip & with 3 daily injections but what quality of life would that be? (P wanted to keep him going, injections & all plus her homeopathic oil drops etc but we decided it would be too much for him). I remember a chronically ill professor (gone to his good night now) who kept saying ‘Why won’t God let me die?’ & think it must be worse for a cat who doesn’t understand what’s happening. Charlie was always a gentleman. In the old apartment block he was known to the security guards & other residents. Mrs C downstairs used to tell us Charlie would walk her & her groceries from her car to her front door but he never stepped inside. She insisted he understood her when she spoke to him in Mandarin. Plus he came to her when she called him ‘Louis’.  He knew his boundaries. Like when I went to visit other neighbours he would walk me to their doorsteps & then back with me. They said he was like a dog, he was so good at following me around. img_0190 He used to ask to be let out then meow to be let back in. But later, when the construction work started next door we stopped letting him out. There were other strays outside & sometimes cats fighting. Another stray cat, Cheeky, our gardener befriended was killed by stray dogs & we were worried it wouldn’t be safe. Charlie seemed to accept that but the weekly cleaner said when she was there alone with him he would nuzzle her then walk to the door & repeat that till she came over to see what he wanted–of course he wanted her to open the door. Once she did & he went out. She got into a panic, phoned me to come home ‘I can’t find the cat!’ but when I drove up & parked, Charlie strolled out & lay down on the walkway. Of course there’s tons of wondering & guilt–should have patted him more/played with him more/brought him for more checkups/ but the vets both said it wouldn’t have made any difference–19 years is a good long time for a cat, not to mention he was already an adult when he moved in with us. Dr H used an overdose of anaesthetic through his catheter to do the job. For a moment he was so relaxed, like all the discomfort he was in for so long was gone & then he stretched out & he was gone too.

7 Responses

  1. I feel for you. Going through the very same thing right now. It’s never easy. Hang in there!

  2. Goodbye Charlie. He has gone to the good, as you say.

    I know how tough these decisions can be. We had to put down a puppy who couldn’t walk at all, and it was harrowing.

  3. Thank you, all you sweet people.

  4. goodbye charlie. i dread the day that i’ll have to say goodbye to my two cats too. bbrrr….

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  6. I just had to put my 12 year old baby to sleep too.

    Don’t feel guilty. While making the decision to put down your animal is one of the most painful things to do, it’s also one of the most selfless and compassionate things you can do.

    I’m sure Charlie would thank you for being so strong as to decide to end his pain.

    I wish you the best.

  7. This is really sad news, but your cat did have a long life, and from what you said, he was really awesome. I hope you’re proud of him.

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