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Kind of Bad Week…

… because of all the things that came up this week I didn’t hit my writing target (but maybe I’ll be able to make up for it today & tomorrow?)

The Bad: (because I believe in getting stuff like that out of the way–)

Cesare (23 year old cat) had vet checkup appointment. She’s doing good, so this might belong in the ‘good’ section. But getting her down is always stressful for her & therefore all humans in the vicinity.

Coincidence 1: Got calls to meet up from 2  break-up/divorce survivors. I got the impression they were in ‘I-need-someone-to-talk-me-off-the-top-of-the-building’ mode so I went. Remembering last year’s jumper has got me spooked. I suppose they aren’t unpleasant people but all I could think about was I’m wasting writing time & energy & you’re blethering on about what?

No, the ‘what’ is not rhetorical–don’t think they knew either. In both cases they just wanted to talk. “So what are you writing now?” kind of talk.

(No–they aren’t close friends. People close to me know how much I hate social chit-chat. People close to me know this is an ‘intense draft’ period.)

And because of the timing I missed 1) meeting with Dr Seet to discuss Q & A, 2)  pilates with Angela, 3) about 6 hours writing time total.

And no, the bad mood didn’t help. It’s still here fogging me & I’m sure it shows. I haven’t done my sitting meditation since Wed because I’m feeling too jumpy & irritated–though yes, yes, I know know it would help.

Coincidence 2: Two different people tried to convince me mussels are vegetables. In the first case it wasn’t so bad–we were going to meet for dinner before a show & the place decided on was Brussels Sprout at Robertson Q. Which was fine–they’re actually one of the (few) places you Can get a decent vegetarian meal. But what spooked me was how she kept going on about how good the mussels there are & “You can eat mussels right?” So it was just easier to say I couldn’t make it & turn up later for dessert. Minor disappointment: their menu has changed–no more bread & butter banana pudding. At least I’m pretty sure that’s where I had it before…

2nd case was more stressful. It was the home-cooked meal one of the ‘have to talk’ people prepared. Yes, I reminded her I’m vegetarian. Yes, I offered to bring my own lunch/lunch for both of us. She went “No! Don’t you dare!” So I turned up–lunch was lamb, chicken, ham quiche, cod & mussels. Yes, with half a tiny butternut squash (the size I’d serve myself as the base of one meal at home) between the four of us and a bowlful of pea shoots & some mashed & fried potato that fed 3 of us cos it ran out before it reached the 4th…

But the mussels, yes–she put one on my plate & said “You must try it. Because I’m not sure how it is. So try it & tell us! Just one won’t kill you–”

Well, I ate the mussel. I guess it tasted like a mussel is supposed to taste.

“Do you want some more?” Waving serving bowl at me. No, I didn’t.

“Ah, see? Ovidia doesn’t like my mussels. That means they are no good. I’m going to put them away because you say they’re no good right?”

She brought the bowl into the kitchen, came back & said “We all won’t eat my mussels today because Ovidia says they are no good.”

I suppose if I had been in a better mood I would have said they were good/talked her around/maybe even eaten another… but I wasn’t so I sat & smiled & ate raw pea sprouts (with my fingers–they’re difficult to fork up).

Later, after no one else said anything, she brought the bowl back out of the kitchen and she & the others ate mussels.

The Good:

Menopause The Musical was Great, Fantastic, Hilarious–I loved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Actually that alone is enough to make this a good week after all, so I should change my header–

I got to dance onstage at the end!!!

Went to a reading of a play-in-progress on Monday night. The comments (from directors / actors) were very incisive & helpful even though it wasn’t my piece being read I learned a lot. Suspect that as writers we tend to see things in terms of what we want to put down on paper/up on stage rather than how it looks/sounds/connects.

Went to the latest Chestnuts–fun parts, especially the droopy girl from Twilight falling for the Joker from Dark Knight (okay but I think I liked the idea more than the enactment cos by then I was getting bit bored with the puppets) & the F1 noise interrupting outdoor concert…

Had a great Vinyasa Flow class on Tuesday. I think teacher’s voices & energy make a great difference to me. Last night I had one of my favourite teachers but either because I was tired (or she was?) I found the class very difficult. Not the practice, but the incessant talk-talk-talk. When she wasn’t saying stuff like ‘Single leg vinyasa for the more experienced students or regular vinyasa or just step back’ (which she did Every Time we did a vinyasa) she went ‘la-di-dah-di-dah’

I’m not kidding.

But yes, I know. It was more probably my own stinking mood & anything that happened in class would have soured me up more.

I skipped dinner out post yoga & went home… this morning missed our Saturday lunch out to write (but ended up playing lexulous & writing this).

Tonight we planned a ‘special’ romantic dinner & if I continue like this it’s going to be rotten…

Maybe I’ll give up on writing for today & catch up tomorrow/next week.

A sitting meditation/long walk will probably do me/my life/my writing more good in both the long & short run!

Oh yes–probably because I’m feeling too busy & deliberately isolated & ignorant about all that’s going on, I’ve joined the World Citizen challenge:

Will probably be looking at:

Culture or Anthropology/Sociology: because even if you aren’t interested in politics or economics or even history, I bet you’re curious about other societies. ) Part of being a world citizen is recognising that other places have different value systems and approaches to life. Books about religion, day-to-day life, and other aspects of culture/society fall in here.

or just the mini-challenges… Time/Newsweek/New Yorker should all take me through the February ‘periodicals’ challenge!

6 Responses

  1. I think the book seller said he passed away. But not very sure. I’m sorry. Of course I remembered you as the writer. The book seller mentioned you too as a Singaporean writer.

  2. Hi Damyantig–only just saw this… & yes, I did write the Mouse Marathon…years & years ago before I started writing for theatre! Very touched you remembered/recognised me as writing it!

    ps What, you mean Lloyd Fernando sold/gave away a book I signed for him??!!?? 🙂

  3. Hey

    Went to an old bookshop in KL yesterday (Skoob books), and think I found one of your books. Have you written something called “The Mouse Marathon’?

    I found a book signed by you to a Lloyd Fernando in Sept, 93…was very thrilled! Is that your book?

  4. hi darkorph & damyantig, good of both of you to drop in. & yes–trying to see mussel lady as amusing too–hope your blue fog is dissolving some, dear damyantig–& hope the writing is going good. I tried leaving a comment on your site but think was doing something wrong.

  5. Back here after a while.

    If I’d met the mussles lady I would have been a lot less polite than you were. If you are a vegetarian, you are a vegetarian, I don’t see why people can’t just accept that and get on.

    I’ve also been feeling a bit inside a blue fog lately, hope you feel better soon.

  6. welcome to the World Citzen Challenge. Got your book list yet? Not that you need one, but I’m a busy body who loves to look at people’s booklists.

    And I am terribly amused by the mussel story. Not in a bad way – I do feel your pain. 🙂

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