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Hectic Daze

It’s been a good week–got a practice in every day except Friday & that’s because of dogwalking–even that was good though doggy walking CEO Ellen is away, there were so many volunteers that it was no problem & in fact I skived off early. Been doing my 15 min ‘sittings’ pretty regularly too!

My back seems to have forgiven me. Up to Thursday was still having trouble straightening legs in backbends but today I’m back!

One good thing about all the physical problems is I started exploring different practice forms.

I still find ashtanga the most comfortable/reassuaring/challenging/satisfying practice, expecially for home practice. And my ‘home base’ shala & ‘home guru’ are probably still the Yoga Shala & James F.

There’s something about the no frills (& no air-con whether to heat up or cool down) mysore practice there that makes me feel focused. (Plus point: there’s a vegetarian stall in the food centre opposite)

But lately, because of the difficulty I had walking I’ve found it easier going to Absolute at Valley Point.

No, I’m still not a fan of Hot classes. No, no, no. I know some people Love them but all I can say is, they’re not for me. But even though the focus is on hot classes at Absolute, there are still hatha vinyasa classes for people like me. Like today Angela did a great class building up from arm balances to headstands (sirsasana), tripod headstands (sirsasana 2) & pincha mayurasana. She said she’s going to continue on Friday & class will be in the big studio where there’ll be a lot more wall space (important for cowards like me–I don’t usually need the wall to go up to headstand but if it’s not there I have real panic/trouble. Definitely haven’t achieved mind over matter!)

I’ve been shifting meetings/deliveries/dinner most of this evening just to make sure I’ll make it to next Friday’s class!

The plus points of Absolute (for me) are: ample parking, hot showers, nice admin people who actually know what goes on in classes & take classes (shudder at memory of Pure Yoga sales people/receptionists) and some pretty good teachers–

Angela (who you can tell is ashtanga trained)

Peter (took his class for the first time this week & the ‘flow’ was fantastic)

Jeanne (who is so calm she makes you feel calm–sadly she doesn’t teach much)

San (who looks about 18 but who I just found out has an 18 year old daughter)

Betty (who is probably the sweetest teacher I’ve ever seen–she’s also an animal lover & shelter volunteer)

Colette (who’s the reason I found Absolute–we chatted in Starbucks, she told me she taught there & I thought I’d just try a class)

No, they’re not Celeste *sigh* but then there’s only one Celeste & much as I adore her I can’t take the mega-fitness centre atmosphere of Pure.

Next week is going to be another heavy, heavy week. 4 nights out. I will be doing gentle, gentle home practice just to keep going.

Last night at the theatre to watch ‘What the Butler Saw’ but–don’t really want to write about it. I’m not sure what I think.

Night before that, farewell party for A & S. (I brought thunder tea rice & peanut pancakes–food not bad. Though most of the people there were meat eaters I wasn’t the only vegetarian so there were veg noodles, carrot & cucumber sticks etc) Quite fun, though sad to think of them leaving for NY. I love NY but if I had kids I don’t know I would want to bring them up in such an intense city.

Left early to return to the Bourne Marathon but didn’t really watch–played with the (2000 piece!) jigsaw–think I got about 5 pieces in–& ate oreos. On the way passed some event just over at ACJC & saw students thumbing lifts to the MRT–things haven’t changed there!!

Oh yes–and I have just over 18, 000 words or 82 pages so I took today off writing!


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