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Busy Busy Week

But so good–I’m still on ‘gentle’ practice (ie my diy home practice) but I’ve moved up to ‘gentle’ (ie careful) jumpbacks.

I went for a pilates workshop & Loved it! (yes, even without the machines!)

Stayed up to watch the Inauguration (once in a lifetime event, after all!) and still made it in to court by 10 am the next morning (whether or not I was conscious is a different matter & irrelevant!) Sounds crazy I know, but I do feel recharged & full of new hope. No, I don’t think everything’s great. I certainly don’t think anything’s going to be easy. But I feel there are things worth doing & I am glad to be alive & functioning here & now.

Went swimming & took a lesson from Ken–I’m finally getting the hang of alternate side breathing, I think. I’m trying to switch to ‘sustainable’ strokes rather than intense fast-fast-fast rhythms. He keeps saying ‘slow down your kick’ but I’m not even conscious that I’m kicking ‘fast’. & in backstroke my knees break the surface before my feet which is bad, apparently, because I’m putting more strain on my knee joint that way…

Anyway, I’ve been fairly active in spite of having been ‘off’ regular practice.

Yes, I’ve totally fallen off the WoYoPracMo wagon but I’ll try to climb back on for the rest of the month.

And return to ‘sitting’ too.

And I’ve reached 4,500 words on the next book (started on Monday) and may have a play on by LaSalle (old play but they’ll update it–I hope) & another for SYF (another old play). Jeremiah is talking contract etc so I’m just hoping for the best.

& it looks like the first book (the collection of plays) may be out in June!

But I still haven’t seen any proofs yet so–(fingers crossed it happens)

And I haven’t received a rejection on the 2nd book yet–(fingers crossed it Doesn’t happen)

All in all–life is good!

Chinese New Year is coming up.  I’m still trying to decide whether to join the girls for the big get-together on Tue. I do want to see them (esp some who’re back in Singapore for a week) but I also want to give myself some breathing time. There’s only so much time & I have only got so much energy…


2 Responses

  1. Hi Kirsten, sorry it’s been so long! & thanks for your advice. Yes, the teacher is a guy & also an ex-competitive swimmer.
    I’ll definitely try out your suggestions in the pool & totally agree with good form making a great difference. My big problem now is getting rid of bad habits picked up during school training!

  2. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t worry about slowing down your kick, especially if you’re getting lessons from a guy. Generally speaking, they rely far more on their upper bodies to move them through the water and so don’t kick as much (unless they’re competitive swimmers and have trained themselves to kick more). On the other hand, your kick shouldn’t tire you out, either.

    On the other hand, good form will really help. If your knee is coming up before your foot in backstroke, think more about kicking from the hip. You want to keep the motion up-and-down, and get rid of any kicking “out” motion (as my swim coach used to say, we’re not doing karate!).

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