Getting Back in the Flow

Missed my sit for a couple of days. I know I say I’m ‘too busy’ but I managed to watch tv, finish a jigsaw & read the papers, so… why does it feel more difficult to sit doing nothing than sit in front of the tv?
And I think I do feel a difference–I keep feeling like I have to generate something ‘urgent’, I started but didn’t finish (took ‘work’ phone call) morning practice & I have a sniffy nose but that may be my body reacting to the ice cream & oily hawker food yesterday! (btw all my baby cucumbers, macadamias & sugar pea pods got eaten–& not just by me!)

Back to my non-sitting.
When travelling, if I don’t tune in to the newspapers/radio/tv for the first couple of days I feel odd but then I settle into it.
I’m wondering whether I’m feeling odd now from not tuning into myself, but I don’t want to get used to that–I must do my ‘sit’ & a gentle practice today!


4 Responses

  1. alemak…. i suck… this monkeymind just can’t keep quiet for more than 5mins. jeeeezzzzz…. ok. will try again tonight.

  2. good luck good luck good luck!
    (did you sit?)

  3. ok… that’s it. going to sit for at least 15mins tonight before i go to sleep! wish me luck!

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