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Back To (almost) Normal

Went out just before 7am for a walk in Clementi Woods & found the market/food centre opposite West Coast (formerly Ginza) Plaza is back in business. Met a former neighbour & did the usual Singapore talk “construction still going on next door–very noisy!” “all the construction the other side stopped–think contractor must have died or crashed–now the whole site just collecting water!”

Quite fun. Took a bus home & had a very very sweet driver who said “Happy New Year” as we got on the bus & “Have a good day!” as we left.  Maybe driving along the park route puts drivers in a better mood?

Will be going out for brunch at C’s place soon. Poor girl just called “Do you eat eggs?”

Told her “Only free range,” and managed not to go off into a spiel on:

1) sentient creatures confined all their lives without space to stretch limbs fully (think of four constantly birthing women in a public loo cubicle–except without room to stand up straight in our own shit. Oh yes, and with teeth broken off at gum level so we don’t bite each other)

2) for every egg laying female chicken, one male chick was probably gassed/suffocated/crushed/decapitated cos the chickens that lay & chickens that are eaten are different breeds.

3) Antibiotics/growth hormones for accelerated growth & no break in laying cycles. That affects eaters, not just layers… why do you think so many of today’s kids are reaching puberty so early?

I know, I’m a hypocrite because I eat biscuits, for example, that probably contain egg products (Paula if you read this, sorry!) But it’s a matter of degree. I’m drawing the line at stuff I can see for now & if/when I feel a need to shift the line I will.

Anyway, the noble sweet girl still wants me to turn up–

I’m bringing some very sweet sugar pea pods & baby cucumbers & maybe some dried dates and walnut mix if there’s a decent amount left!

Will be going back to work & practice tomorrow. It’s been a week since my back went & 3 days since end of project &  I’m feeling good & refreshed & ready to go!

Yesterday watched another meaning-to-see-for-ages dvd. La Peau Blanche. I liked it very much but have a quibble over what exactly succubi do.

Thought they force men to have sex with them till they die, exhausted, but the succubi sisters in the movie (Marianne Therien as Claire the love interest, Jessica Malka who as Marquise was really quirky & cute) seemed to need to EAT their men–more like a cross between vampires & cannibals.

Marquise had some great lines–how only men taste good & human… & how black men taste better than white. It sounds so sexually titallating but she’s talking on strictly gastronomic terms. Also liked how she ate the hero’s friend in the bathtub (less mess & blood)

But Marquise dies pretty early on–& I don’t understand them all being mad at her for eating people in the victims’ own homes–as long as you clean up after you, isn’t that safer than eating them (& storing chunks of them) in your own home?

Nice touch too, the succubi trying to get a human doctor to cure Claire–by killing him and offering him to her in refrigerated chunks!

Enjoyed the show! Enjoyed having time for shows again!!


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