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Days 5, 6, 7–Ow Ow Ow

I thought I had 2 great practices on Saturday & Sunday, then…

Had a pit-stop deadline on Wednesday (submitting dog rough draft) so spent Monday more or less chained to the computer not even taking my usual stretch breaks. Did a 45 minute practice–Sun Salutations, Standing Sequence, Backbends, Closing… then back to the computer (I know, no shower, but I cooled down/dried off during savasana & meant to do a walk later)–then when I tried to stand up a couple of hours later found my back was screaming at me.

Crazy thing is, I don’t know what I actually did to cause this. Usually when something twangs off I can say that lotus, that headstand triggered it. But this time I don’t know whether it was the Sunday practice, the Monday practice or just the hours of sitting frozen at the computer!

Even sneezing hurt and I was having the 400 pound trucker toilet problem (visualise not being able to twist at all & add a large torso…)

Tuesday was computer work (no choice. But this time I used the timer–25 min & a stretch-ow ow ow) and a 20 minute very very very gentle practice. Even though it was agony to begin with & for the first time ever I found it impossible to do upward dog, by the end I could (still with bent arms though) and surprisingly found I felt better.

Wednesday–computer again. Short practice again & this time with a mat in my computer room I did side twists during computer breaks (very gentle. To begin each time had to use my hands to lower my knees one by one) But I figured it was Not a bone/spine problem but muscle/swollen lymph & the best thing I could do was keep moving gently.
Even lying flat on my back hurt & I think getting up from savasana took me as long as the whole practice! (can’t sit up. try to roll to right side-ow. try to roll to right side with knees in chest-ok. try to push up on arm-ow. try to curl up in ball & roll up on elbow–ok etc etc)

But I got my draft done & emailed it in.

Had to miss the premiere of Milk which I really wanted to go to–not just because I really really wanted to watch the movie but because the whole gang was going to be there & I haven’t seen some of them for so long & because I got VIP invites & (sorry, this doesn’t happen to me a lot so I can’t be blase about it!) I wanted to see what the reception was like & yes, I’ll admit it–what VIPs look like!
But I missed that. Celebrated submitting draft with a long hot bath ‘sit’ though.

And today I’m still sore but I can move again. Probably won’t go for class this evening though… gentle home practice.

But what caused this? Someone suggested it was jumpbacks without holding my bandhas in properly (‘throwing your legs back without support’ was how he put it) but surely I should have felt sharp pain then?

Or just sitting too much.


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